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Beyond cocktail sauce what are your favorite uses for horseradish? Mine always goes flat before I can use a whole bottle.

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  1. Mix with equal parts sour cream and mayo for a great sauce for beef, like steaks and burgers.

    Also, bloody mary!

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      Not just beef.... I use mine on poached salmon

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        Sorry as popular as it is, I find it repulsive. Gag rreflux goes into over drive on Salmon

    2. I add a good drained spoonful to fish cakes (canned salmon, mayo, horseradish, crumbs/matzo meal, and any herbs or green onion I have kicking about).

      1. I always have a bottle of horseradish mayonnaise in the fridge.
        I also add horseradish to my tuna salad.


        1. Candied horseradish goes well with cooked beef (e.g. Austrian "Tafelspitz"). There, the bottle does not help, you need the fresh stuff.

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            how do you make candied horseradish? Never heard of it

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              I hope that "candied" is the right translation of German "kandiert".

              Take 120 g of fresh horseradisch root, peel and cut julienne. Blanch in saltwater for 2-3 minutes, drain. Cook in 100 ml water with 75 g of sugar until almost evaporated. Add 50 ml of water with another 75 g of sugar until horseradish sticks are translucent. Add tarragon vinegar to taste

          2. We love it in our mashed potatoes!

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              Me too! I don't use the prepared though. I buy a knob at the market at grate it using a rasp.

            2. Check this out (madness!):

              I like it in slaws and potato salads and with fried or hard-boiled (deviled) eggs. Horseradish and cheddar makes for a good snack or sandwich, and horseradish/butter mixtures in whatever proportions you like make good spreads. Most recipes seem to involve meats and fish, which makes sense.

              1. Put a tablespoon or so into pot roast. The harshness cooks out and it adds an almost sweet flavor.

                We also like horseradish as an accompaniment to breakfast sausage or ham.

                1. I put it IN my burgers, very tasty!

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                    We do the same! Top it with some havarti cheese... mmm! Tasty.

                  2. First stop on the horseradish train is...drum roll please....gefilte fish. jfood knows that it's not a year round staple but man when you have some good HR on this jewish delicasy it's wonderful.

                    Second on the list is cocktail sauce for shrimp. a good kick in the sauce makes for a much better shrim.

                    Boiled beef comes up third on the list.whether on a plate or a sandwich.

                    1. Mixed with sour cream, to top split pea or potato soup. Or mashed potatoes.