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Jul 25, 2007 01:21 PM

brunch in financial district- recs?

hi chowhounders,

i'm looking for a good place to have a casual but nice atmosphere brunch post-bachelorette party this sunday. a group of 6 girls will be staying in the holiday inn on wall st./ gold st. and so we're looking for a casual but enjoyable place to have brunch, pref'ly under $20/pp (entrees <$15), within walking distance.

we all live in NY but are venturing to the financial district for the wknd (don't ask). i guess that puts us close to South St Seaport, but i've always known that area to be touristy & avoided at all costs. brunch on the water would be great -- if a good one exists. all of us are rather unfamiliar with the area - so any recommendations?

for reference- our usual brunch spots are cafe orlin, paris commune, cafeteria, veselka, sarabeth's, 5 points, or schillers. i'm looking for somethin on par w/ schillers or paris commune.

thanks for your help!

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  1. Hi! Well for brunch I think your best bet would be Stone Street. I usually sit outside at Beckett's or Stone Street Tavern. Ulysee's has a prix fixe brunch, and Harry's also has brunch.

    If you want something really close to your hotel, try 2 Gold St. Also owned by the same people who run Ulysees and its 24hrs.

    Enjoy your bachelorette party!

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    1. re: trinyc

      thanks trinyc! those suggestions sound great. any other ideas? the girls have said that they are willing to travel a bit close to the 2/3 lines (as they're closest to the hotel). i guess that opens up Tribeca for us too. Since we'll be a decent sized party, places that take reservations would be great. thanks again!

      1. re: emilia

        I would highly recommend going to Jane.

        or Bubby's in Tribeca.

        Are you guys hanging out down there for the bachelorette party?

        1. re: trinyc

          hi trinyc-

          thanx for your extra suggests... the bachelorette party is going to be in east village, but the only hotel we were able to get was down by wall st. so alas, looks like we're gonna end up there at the end of the night (and the next morn).

        2. re: emilia

          On Stone st there's Smorgas Chef, then PJ Clarkes in the world financial center. If you take the 2/3 to chambers street the Tribeca, you're close to Landmarc, Upstairs at Bouley, Petit Abeille, Odeon and Blaue Gans. I went to Blaue Gans for brunch a couple of weeks ago and the food was good, especially deserts (the deep fried chocolate lolly pop and the souffle thing) and I don't think you'll need a reservation there, the place is pretty big, we hung around for 3 hours and had no problems. You won't need a reservation at Petit Abeille either but the food is just ok. Also the brunch buffet at the Tribeca Grand is pretty fun cos you can lounge around forever and the food is good for a hotel buffet but I think it's about $30. There's also bread next to the Tribeca Grand, you can take the 1/9 to Franklin to get there.

      2. Stone Street has a bunch of restaurants that do brunch. Of note, Waterstone Grill has a prix fixe brunch for $10.95 on Sunday with all you can drink for $10 addl. (mimosas, bloody marys)
        Waterstone is closed on Sunday, try Becketts.