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Jul 25, 2007 01:21 PM

Staying near DFW for 2 weeks - HELP!!! (recs please!)

Hello all!

I'll be staying at the Embassy Suites at DFW (4650 W. Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas) for 2 weeks, and I really need some help in finding nice dining spots nearby. Anything good, really, would be nice - but I'm a bit of a foodie so I don't mind a short taxi ride for something really special. I'm on a bit of a budget, so around $20-30 per night for the meals only would be nice.

Any ideas???

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  1. Well, you are not getting a lot of replies on this....My personal opinion (don't hate me chows!), is that for a foodie, you will probably need to take a taxi and head to either Dallas or Fort Worth...I lived in that area for a few years, and was unimpressed with the restaurants there...Many are chains...So, having said that, your best bet for Dallas anyway, is the Oak Lawn or Uptown area..where I will recommend La Duni's, Avila's for Mexican Food,and S&D' Oyster Company for seafood...These all have really good food and meet your price range...I will let the Ft. Worth people recommend places there...

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      a place i like in irving is rudy's texmex very good & HOT salsa

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        Another excellent, hole in the wall, special Tex-Mex spot is
        Arturo's Mexican Restaurant 1810 W. Irving Blvd. Irving TX 75061 972-254-1292

        My father used to work for the city and we ate there frequently. Something I learned a long time ago is follow the police. During lunch time, it is not unusual to see many high ranking city officials in there (city hall is close by). Those folks have the money to eat at nicer places but chose to eat there. I always enjoyed it although the salsa (homemade) can get a little spicy at times.

    2. There are many Indian restaurants in Irving, but you still have to take a cab from your hotel. We always stop by Mayuri when we go toward the airport. Bhemas is closer to your hotel (3-4 miles east)--it's scary-looking (both inside and outside), but the food isn't bad (better than Indyafusion's) and cheap. Their dosa and chicken tikka masala are pretty good. It's near 183 (Airport Fwy) and Story Rd.

      Bhemas Indian Cuisine
      1725 N. Story Rd., Irvine

      Once you get to Las Colinas, there are other restaurants.

      1. Look up Cool River Cafe. It's on Hidden Ridge Drive in Irving. They also have music and are a hip scene on Thursdays and Fridays.

        If you can get a ride, there are lots of restaurants (mostly chains) at the intersection of 121 west and 114 in Grapevine. Look up Grapevine, there are some individual restaurants there, too.

        1. I used to live close to that area. Here's some of our favorite affordable non-chain restaurants:

          Delicias Brazil - Brazilian food. It's a buffet, but you can also order from the menu. If you drink alcohol, you must try the Caipirinha.

          Hanasho Japanese Restaurant - Very friendly and nice decor. We still go here about twice a month. Huge menu. Ask for Kenny at the sushi bar.

          Kasbah Grill - Moroccan. Kind of hit or miss, but definitely interesting.

          Las Lomas - Mexican. Nice decor. Never had a bad meal here. They serve goat and quail. Also good margarita's.

          Pasand - Indian. Best to go for the weekend buffet. Dishes can be very spicy, so be careful if you have a low tolerance to heat.

          Sin Fronteras - Peruvian. Not a very fancy place, but interesting to try. Not sure if they are still in business, I haven't been there in a while so you might call first. ONLY ORDER PERUVIAN FOOD. The tex-mex was awful when we tried it. If you eat raw fish, get the Ceviches.

          Taboon Bakery and Grill - Middle Eastern. Owned by a very nice couple. Ask questions about some of the unusual menu items - they are very helpful. All meats are Hallal.

          Bangkok Orchid - Thai. Nice atmosphere and good food.

          El Regio - Mexican chargrilled chicken. Ok, I wouldn't get a taxi to come here, but if you can get someone to drive you here for lunch, it's quite a find. More info:

          1. Good recos Webra1...I would add:

            Paciugos (ice cream)- MacArthur and 114
            Best Thai - MacArthur between 635 and 161
            I Love Pho (Vietnamese) -MacArthur and 635

            All these are about 5-10 minutes from where you are.