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Jul 25, 2007 01:16 PM

BYO's in the Ambler area

We like places like Inn at Phillips Mill Inn in New Hope and Arpeggio in Spring House, among others, and are looking to add to our BYO list in that general area. I thought I had seen mention of some places along the river in Bucks County and in the Ambler, Blue Bell, area that sounded good. Now that I want to try some, I can't find the post. Any recommendations out there?

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  1. There are a ton of great BYO restaurants in the Ambler area, it really depends on what you are looking for. Arpeggio in Springhouse, that you had mentioned, is one of my favorites, they have great pizzas. Also in the Springhouse area is Il Gioradino, in a tiny shopping center off Bethlehem Pike. It is not upscale but it is our go-to place during the week for good pizza and pasta. Not worth a trip, but a great option if you are already in the area. They have a great pizza with veal sausage, yellow peppers, brie, and dijon mustard (yum!). If you want japanese, Miraku is in the Genuardis shopping center, right next to Arpeggio, and they have very good sushi.

    There are a few great options right in the Ambler borough on Butler Avenue. The two standouts, to me, are Trax Cafe and La Cava. Trax is located at the old train station and is small with a cozy atmosphere, outdoor patio (though you do clearly hear the trains go by), and great standard american food. They have some great BBQ specials and I also particularly like their lamb dishes (they often run specials) and their salmon. La Cava, also on Butler Ave, is upscale mexican. It is also small, simply decorated with pale yellow and purple walls. They serve some great whole fish specials. Bridget's is another great restaurant on Butler Ave. While they have a full bar, they do offer BYO on Sunday nights and I think that is a great deal.

    On the other side of Ambler, heading towards Blue Bell is Tamarinos which is a great mexican restaurant. Like La Cava it is also on the upscale side (not tacos and burritos) but the atmosphere is more fun, especially on the weekends. They serve free margaritas so it can get pretty loud and energetic there. Also in Blue Bell is Alison, which is great. They have historically been BYO but I heard that they either just got or are in process of getting a liquor license. I wishe they stayed BYO because it is a fairly expensive restaurant to begin with and alcohol will really add to the cost. The food is great, though.

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    1. In Springhouse (about 7 minutes from Ambler) there is a nice byob w/outdoor seating called Arpreggio's. The menu is mediterranean with lots of middle eastern influences (home-made pita, hummus, etc). Great pizza. Extremely popular, almost always crowded. It's on Sumneytown Pike.

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        There is another BYOB in Fort Washington called Zakes that you should stay away from at all costs. The other restaurants mentioned are quite good.

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          I agree that Arpeggio is really quite good. What is wrong with Zakes? I had recently had an amazing breakfast there so have been eager to try it for dinner. Are there problems with their dinner service?

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            I keep wanting to like Zake's for dinner (because it is byob, cute and convenient). However, I have been there several times and always been disappointed by the food. Also, it can get very noisy.

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        I just made a reservation for Alison for 8/24 and they advised me that they are BYOB (which is good) and they don't accept any credit cards (bad). i didn't ask these questions, they just advised me routinely.

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          They do have a license now, right? I know that they allow byob, with a corkage fee.

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            Apparently, they just got their license, and they now charge a $5 corkage fee.