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Jul 25, 2007 01:11 PM

Izakaya/ First Nation Food?

First trip to Vancouver. Could someone please explain these terms and type of cuisine? Much thanks.

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  1. An izakaya is a Japanese bar--very casual, mostly bar food, not sushi-type stuff. Gyoza king is a great one, specializing in Japanese dumplings.

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      By "First Nation" or "Nations" food I am assuming reference is being made to local coastal "Aboriginal" or "Indian" food.

      I expect the emphasis would be regional cuisine cooked in a fashion as least similar to how the original inhabitants did. Of course that might be interpeted in a very liberal fashion.

      Smoked and barbequed salmon, etc. etc.

      There used to be one place called the Liliget Feast House which purportedly specialized in this but a quick google search informed me that it is no more.

      I am not sure if the Rain Tree is still in Vancouver or not. I remember going there years and years ago. It was not much with pretty bad service.

    2. For Izakaya, we loved Hapa Izakaya on Robson—noisy, frenetic, fun and delicious. As far as Frist Nations food, the only place I know of was Liliget, which has closed as Bob Mac mentioned. Many local restaurants, though, feature some First Nations-inspired dishes: alder-planked salmon, bannock, etc.

      1. grouse mountain used to have a longhouse feast - it's supposed to be quite good - I would check out their website and see if they still do it.