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Jul 25, 2007 12:53 PM

RW dinner: Round 2 - Please Comment

City Hall

Which one? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I went to Megu in January and it was a joke, portions so small that the waitstaff suggested you order an extra entree to share among 2 people. Artisinal was OK and have not been to CH. Would suggest you look for some other choices. I am going to Bar at Modern Room and Perry Street for dinner this week.

    1. We went to Artisanal, last year, as invitees While I'm not a fan of RW dinner in general, I thought that Artisanal was a decent value for the money, in spite of some spotty service,

      1. Ate at Megu for RW last week. I made the reservations almost one month ago, and I was really excited about eating there for the first time. it probably would have been better to just have a drink at the bar...the portions were miniscule and the service VERY rushed.
        I had tempura appetizer (small piece of soft shell crab), bass (excellent) and dessert was a green tea layered cake...
        my date and i ordered 1 cocktail each, but were still starving after the 3 coures. we ordered an extra roll, and when all was said and done the bill came to 140 with tax and tip. i realize that probably is not much for a dinner for 2 at megu...but i dont think it was worth it...
        im eating at petrossian tonite, hopefully that will be better....

        1. I agree with G3B. You would be better off visiting other restaurants if you're looking for a place to make a RW reservation. Artisinal has the same prix-fixe throughout the year anyway.

          1. Just went to Artisanal tonight. Don't bother. Overcrowded restaurant and lackluster food. The best parts were the cheese and cheesecake. Service was sluggish. A complete review will be forthcoming - when i finish off my RW experience with Jo Jo tomorrow night.