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Jul 25, 2007 12:45 PM

Scottsdale - Original Pancake House

Anybody got a current review? I know it has had some good comments in the past despite it's quirks (sounded like the owner was the Pancake Nazi). I am headed to AZ the first of August and was making note of a few breakfast places to try. I already have LGO, Au Petite Four, Butterfields and I'm staying @ The Royal Palms, so will eat there at least one morning.

I am a morning person who likes to get out and eat where the locals do so any other suggestions are welcome.

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  1. We've been and weren't impressed. Plus the Cash Only policy is a pain, since we usually used debit and don't carry cash. If you like a field trip, The Farmhouse in Gilbert is good but a drive. Harlow's in Tempe has a good breakfast too. Definitely better than OPH, IMHO.

    Harlow's Cafe
    1021 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

    1. For other great breakfasts, I love Matt's Big Breakfast; just about everything is perfect. The one thing to avoid is the hash browns- they shred the potatoes fresh and they tend to be soggy. One that's been going strong in Gilbert for at least 20 years is The Farm House. It used to actually be in a farm house on a farm, but they had to move to downtown Gilbert some years ago. Thankfully, the small-town charm and the food survived the trip down Gilbert Road very well. In Tempe is Harlow's Cafe, a favorite among many of us CHers.

      Matt's Big Breakfast
      801 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      Farm House Restaurant
      228 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

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        The food at Matt's rocks, but standing on the street for an hour in the summer heat is no way to spend a morning. Check the wait time before committing.

      2. Taylor's on NE corner of 44th/Camelback is a good, close option. Love their egg white omelet w/lots of veg and side of cottage cheese ($8.95). It's a neighborhood joint and there are quite a few locals.

        1. I would suggest another breakfast venue and OPH only as a very last resort. Their cash only policy and the outright surliness of the staff just made this a wash for me. The Dutch Baby Pancake is delicious, but that isn't enough for me to put up with "Soup Nazi" treatment.

          1. There are much better options listed here. It's a national chain that you can hit when you have do other options.

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            1. re: geg5150

              They've closed, different theme, still going by Pischke's though.

              1. re: akapty

                different theme
                different name
                different owner
                different staff

                eff that place. people loved pischke's for what it was. without that it is nothing to me.