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Bin 604, Wine Source, Ches. Wine Co. or ?

Hello! I am getting married in October and am seeking a place in the Baltimore area to purchase all of my wine for the cocktail hour and reception. Specifically I am looking for a great selection and price and that also that offers multiple case discounts if possible. I am looking to purchase inexpensive (but yummy) wines around $10 each. I will be buying both white and red, so any particular favorites that you would like to suggest would also be welcomed...


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  1. I'm a big fan Beltway Fine Wine & Spirits
    8727 Loch Raven Blvd.
    Phone: 410-668-8884
    Fax: 410-668-1050

    The staff is knowledgeable and is happy to recommend wines for the budget conscious.

    Corridor Wine and Spirits on 198 in Laurel is owned by the same group and has pretty much the same selection They have recently been remodeled and may be a little larger

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      I like the Wine Source since it's right in Hampden where I live but Beltway Fine Wine definately has the edge on price and variety!

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        just what I was going to suggest- Beltway is great! Also, I have had them order requests for me before & they are great about it if it's something they can get (wine & liquor). So, if you have a favorite just ask!

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            yes, Towson, the poster above listed the address/phone#

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          Wells does a buy one get one half off (of the same wine) sale a couple of times a year (which makes it 25% off - better than most case discounts). A friend bought the wine for her daughter's wedding this way. You do have to catch the sale, though - you used to be able to sign up to be notified on their website, but it is under construction, so you maybe could call to find out when it happens.

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            Ditto Wells. Incredibly helpful and knowledgable staff, great selection, and reasonable prices.

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              I suggest Corridor or beltway liquors. The staff at both places is wonderful! It can't hurt to ask if they'll let you taste some of the wines you're looking at also.

              You might also want to look at www.wineaccess.com if you know of a specific wine you want, but can't seem to find it in our area.

              Congratulations and best of luck with the wedding planning!

          2. OK I know it's not in Baltimore, but if you come to the DC area, head to Arrowine in VA- lots of wines in that range.

            A personal favorite that might work after your acse discount would be the La Slina Dolcetto d' Alba. A wonderful red that is so simple and drinkable.

            1. I would reccomend either Beltway Fine Wine, it's almost better to go there then the home depot, and then Bin 604. Bin is a smaller more concentrated wine store but the staff is incredible, I believe they all could be sommeliers. Plus they have the ability to order whatever they want. And it's a Tony Foreman joint, so he buys so much, he gets it a great price, plus they usually allow you to taste a wine, before comminting to it, but either one of those will fit the bill, oh and congrats, I get hitched on the 6th of October this year

              1. If you do any sort of price shopping, you'll want to go to the Wine Source, especially for wines around $10.00 each. Go into the store and talk to them too; they're really good about pointing you to accessible wines at that price.

                I've done some comparison shopping, and I usually find that the Wine Source is about 10% to 15% cheaper than Wells or Bin 604, especially at your price point. And I much prefer them to Beltway both for the selection and service.

                They have discounts for full cases and mixed cases.

                There's a Spanish wine that I got from them called Castano Monastrell. 90 points, Wine Advocate. Just under 7 bux a bottle. Unbelievable for that price. They might be sold out, but that's the kind of stuff they find.

                1. I got all mine for my wedding reception from the Vineyard. Part of their thing is having lots of options that are less than $15, and all of them are really good. But they will also order anything you want for you. Mike Fishman is the owner and he's really nice and easy to work with.

                  1. If you don't know, Vineyard is in Federal Hill on Charles St. And they also offer case discounts, we got a really great deal with them. They ordered beer for us too.

                    1. I believe I have some serious phone calls to make... Lots of great suggestions...Thanks to everyone for their imput!

                      1. I'd also consider the Cheaspeake Wine Company www.chesapeakewine.com in Caton. They always have good, well priced wines highlighted, and the owner is very, very helpful. He's worked with me to put together some cases and the choices have been yummy.