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Jul 25, 2007 10:53 AM

Please recommend a protein for me to make

I'm making "spaetzlesotto," my "German-fusion" dish. Basically I make plain spaetzle. Then I make a sauce consisting of some garlic, some reduced chicken broth, some reduced cream, and S & P. I also sautee some wild mushrooms or I've steamed some asparagus.

I sautee the spaetzle in a little butter then toss with the "contorni," sauce, and some Parmagiano. As you can imagine, it tastes like small pasta in a cream sauce (really nothing special). My GF likes it though since it's pseudo-German.

Anyway, I'm soliciting recommendations for a protein to serve with this heavy dish. Her mom will be eating with us and she doesn't care for crustaceans of any kind. I'm not a big lamb fan but anything else will fly.

For the rest of the menu, I'll probably do a tomato salad of some kind and maybe some steamed broccoli (it's sitting around in the fridge). I'm thinking of doing a melon water (using my new Superbag) with something for dessert so if anyone has ideas how to incorporate melon water into a light dessert, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. Sounds like veal of some sort would be wonderful with the spatzlesotto/mushrooms/cream.

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      My GF wanted weinerschnitzel (she digs it because I bread it with panko) but I think that's too greasy and heavy. Would you go with picatta? Would that acidic pan sauce be OK when it runs into the spaetzlesotto?

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        I wouldn't do picatta - I think you are right about the combination of the picatta sauce with the cream might not work well. And though I love wienerschnitzel, and the panko sounds wonderful, that might be too heavy (esp. since you are doing this German fusion thing). What about some kind of v. light wine sauce, instead of the lemon, for the veal? Maybe veal marsala, but with a riesling or gewurtz instead of marsala?

        Pork tenderloin might also be nice.

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        That's exactly what I was thinking... veal piccata! Only I wouldn't do the panko breadcrumbs, they soak up too much oil. A light dusting of flour for piccata... my opinion only.

      3. I think a simple grilled chicken breast would go wonderfully with this rich dish.

        1. How about a nice simple roasted chicken? Let the spatzlesotto take center stage.

          1. I think pork loin scallops, pounded out thin, and then made into a mushroom and cream sauce with dijon and wine. Or even a tomato parikash sort of dish with the pork and then a sour cream sauce would be tasty. I am thinking that this is for fall, but you wanted a dish now....
            If I wanted to lighten it up and fish was out, then it would be chicken breast browned first and then baked on the bone in the over with tomato, white wine, and sour cream stirred in last minute. Got recipes for all. I LOVE to make spaetzle. Thanks for the reminder! OH how I DO LOVE FALL!

            1. How about grill/pan sear (finish in the oven) a pork tenderloin with a rub that is on the spicier/paprika level. The spaetzle sounds divine!