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Outdoors, Preferably water views?

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Looking for a place to sit outside early (5:00pm) on Saturday. It's suppose to be gorgeous and hot so we aren't looking for big food, but rather good light food and great drinks. There are about 5 of us and we want to do it up right.

We all just got back from Nantucket and wish we were still there...

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  1. When I first read your post I thought that you need to go to the Summer House on the beach in Nantucket as I too was just there! Sadly, I can't think of anything similar with the water views here. I do really enjoy the outdoor patio at B&G Oysters in the South End, though I'm not sure what time they open.

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      OK, so we're on the same page. I love the summer house, I was there 2 weeks ago, and enjoyed it yet again as I always do.

      As for a place like that in boston I know it won't happen, but I can ease up on my standards a bit. I had gotten the suggestion Tavern on the Water, but I was hoping to find something closer to downtown so we can move on if we decide to.

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        Barking Crab could work. Food isn't amazing but atmosphere is relaxed and you're on the water. Recent thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/421483

    2. Intrigue Cafe at the Boston Harbor Hotel starts serving dinner at 4:00. It's not extraordinary, but it is good and perhaps the best food-with-water-view spot in Boston.


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        We recently had breakfast at the Intrigue (unfortunately a buffet, which we didn't realize from the web menu). The food was decent for a buffet, and the patio overlooking the harbor was great.

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          As I posted on a similar thread two weeks ago that you & bear were both on...EXACTLY!. And I'm glad you were both paying attention :-))

        2. If Chinese food is OK, you could try Eastern Pier II, which is between the World Trade Center and Anthony's Pier 4 (which is best avoided).

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            for steamed lobster and white burgundy anthony's is fine. and the view is magnificent.

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              Yes, anthony's pier 4 is terrible!

            2. I you're willing to take a drive, you could go to Tom Shea's in Ipswich. Someone recently posted a rave review. Both their indoor and outdoor seating have ocean views, but you'd want to be outside, of course.

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                Small quibbles: Tom Shea's is in Essex and actually has a salt marsh view, being in a bit from the ocean. Then again, along that stretch in Essex you'll also find J.T. Farnham's, Woodman's, and Periwinkles, all of which have varying degrees of salt marsh views (Village Restaurant, while good, does not have a view).

                Personally, I thought Tom Shea's was just OK foodwise when I went a couple years ago, though the view was pleasant.

              2. I think what you are looking for can be found at the Sail Loft on Commercial Street (next to Joe's). They have an outdoor patio on the water and there are plenty of places to walk to nearby.

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                  The Barnicle in Marblehead right on the harbor. Slightly better than average seafood in a great setting.

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                    Boston Sail Loft does have a water view, though I didn't find the food to be very good.

                  2. Not the ocean but Charles River...outdoor seating at Dante @ the Royal Sonesta hotel in Camb. Food is pretty good too.

                    1. If you want to travel outside of Boston, Red Rock in Swampscott has an amazing view. Food is good, but the attitude of the owners can certainly but a damper on the overall experience. Also, stay away from the fried clams in a bag. Very good, but for the price point, not worth it.

                      For a bad food, decent drinks, great view, there is Tavern on the Water in Charlestown.

                      The Marina in Quincy also has great views.

                      Instead of the Barnicle in Marblehead (fried seafood/picnic tables), you could try The Landing. Much better food, but hard to secure the water view seating as it is very limited.

                      Another great place for drinks, but awful food is Anthony's Pier 4, though I'm not sure if the outdoor seating is open this year. It is more of an atrium, but you could take in the ICA!

                      And Intrigue is always good for a great night out on the water. Drinks are very good and the food is not wow, but very good.

                      Hopefully with the development of the waterfront, this perennial problem and one of my biggest pet peeves about Boston will be resolved.