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Jul 25, 2007 10:34 AM

BBQ brisket

anywhere in LA to get some smoked brisket, in the way they do it in Texas. maybe served on some butcher paper, preferably with some pickles on the side as the only side.

don't think this exacts here.

and also anywhere for beef ribs.

The folowing joints need not apply which i've already tried: Phillip's (still great), Dr. Hogly Wogly's, The Swinging Door, spring street smokehouse, lucille's, tasty q, zeke's smokehouse.

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  1. Have you tried Canyon City BBQ in Azusa? They make a pretty mean brisket. They do run out of stuff when it's busy, though.

    Canyon City Barbeque
    347 N San Gabriel Ave, Azusa, CA 91702

    1. have you tried Cecil's? it's on Pico. Pretty amazing.

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      1. re: wideeyedraven

        Pretty amazingly expensive!!!
        Sure the food is good(not extraordinary) and the place itself has a certain cachet to it, but i am sorry, it is NOT worth it unless you have lots of money and you don't mind spending it on undeserving things.

        Go to Baby Blues BBQ in Venice on Lincoln. It is not a place to go to do people watching or be seen, it's dingy and the iced tea sucks, BUT the meats...ooooh the meats.... The sides too are amazing and it's all priced right.

        Baby Blues BBQ
        444 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

        1. re: GenevieveCa

          Baby Blues is great but the brisket is a weak point, imo. The meat is moist but comes in little strips like pulled pork. Brisket should be sliced or cut and with some fat. Also, while Baby Blues may not be a people-watching place, there's plenty of eye candy if you're a guy. A friend of mine calls it the Alterna-Hooters...

          PS: Is Cecil's really that much more expensive than dinner at Baby Blue's?

          1. re: wideeyedraven

            I haven't tried the brisket at Cecil's, but I like the St. Louis ribs and the hush puppies. My spare ribs were overcooked the one time I tried them. My question is how much actual smoking (as opposed to grilling) Cecil's does. The chicken, for example, is rotisseried then grilled, so there's minimal smoke flavor. I also haven't seen that telltale pink ring in any of the meat, though I admittedly haven't been looking that closely.

            1. re: a_and_w

              Sorry, that should read, my "baby backs" were overcooked.

          2. Curious what you think of Porky's for brisket. It is smoked all night for the next day. I had pulled pork, baby backs and brisket. GF had golden bird chicken. I was disappointed in the ribs, but enjoyed the pulled and brisket. Link for Porky's is included in this link to a previous discussion.


            1. How about The Pig on La Brea? They have great pulled pork and I think they do brisket as well.

              1. Did you ever try Aaron's at Boneyard Bistro?