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Jul 25, 2007 10:18 AM

"Farmer's" Market Update - What's there...

I was just at the City Hall Farmer's market and thought it might be helpful if we had a thread for what's in season and available at the different markets. If you've been to a market lately please chime in. "Farmer's" market is in quotations in reference to previous threads questioning the reality of whether they are actually farmers selling their produce.

Anyway, today at City Hall..

Beautiful Basil - $2.50 bunch
Beefsteak Tomatoes - really tasty - $4 for 5 big ones
Gorgeous Carrots - $1.75 a bunch
Loads of berries - strawberries, cherries, blueberries ($8.99 for wild, maybe no), red currants, red and green gooseberries, red purple and golden raspberries
Garlic - $1 for one small bulb, some places 3 for $2
Early Redhaven peaches - Didn't try them, it seems to early in the season
Corn - 12 for $5 - Peaches and Cream - haven't tried it yet
Broccoli and Cauliflower looked great

Was looking for rhubarb but there was none.

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  1. I would think we are past rhubarb season?

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    1. re: millygirl

      I did buy those peaches, Mila . . . they were outstanding. As were the plums and apricots. I bought cherries there last week that were amazing, but they were not so good this week, so I guess they are on the way out.

    2. I was at the City Hall Farmer's Market this morning as well, and was pleased to see that there were more stalls there this week. In addition to the items that Mila described, I also bought huge dark green romaine lettuce, baby red potatoes, beautiful, shiny deep purple onions, little tennis-ball-sized cabbages, and an assortment of red, yellow, orange and purple cherry and teardrop tomatoes. I'm not crazy about currants, but I tasted red, white and black ones from Andrews Scenic Acres today. I also bought fava beans, which I've never eaten before, but the farmer told me how to cook them, so I thought I'd give them a try. Maybe with a nice chianti...;-)

      I also bought several basil plants (this will be my second planting this season). I have never had such great success with basil as I have for the last two years with their plants.

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        1. Alas, no peaches at Dufferin Grove. So I went to my local green grocer on Danforth and bought them there. Then I forgot them at the store, so that's just the kind of day I was having. Still peachless.

          Dufferin Grove was interesting.
          Nice Basil $2
          Beautiful little cabbages $2
          Big score on 5 zucchini blossoms for $1
          Lovely array of baby beets, red and golden
          New onions, assortment of lettuces, a few new potatoes

          And then I decided to buy a lentil cake from the lovely French(?) lady at the end stand. I gave her a twenty and she gave me $15 change. I double checked the price with her and yes it is $5 for a cookie size lentil cake. Under ordinary circumstances I would have refused to pay that much but having the day I was having, I still wandered away a little dazed.

          One bite of that lentil cake was enough to absorb every bit of saliva in my mouth and the rest of it went directly in the bin. Left a bad taste in my mouth both literally and figuratively.

          1. re: Mila

            Does she have sweet pastries as well? I seem to recall buying an unpriced cookie there on a visit last year and was astounded when I got a lot less change in return that I was expecting.

            One of the reasons I tend to avoid Dufferin Grove even though it's close by.

        2. Mila you might want to check out this Foodland Ontario site, which shows availability of various fruits and vegetables by month. It won't be a solid indicator of what the markets will have, but it will give you a general idea of what's coming into season.

          1. Going to St.Lawrence market Sat - any new and/or exciting discoveries?