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Jul 25, 2007 10:01 AM

Taking Mom out for 79th Birthday Brunch Sun.

Need suggestions. She mentioned Savonna or Waterworks Cafe, but the reivews I have read of both were terrible. Center City or Main Line ok.


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  1. Sounds like she wants something a bit fancy. How about the 4 Seasons? I have heard their brunch is the best in the city; buffet style though.

      1. re: Buckethead

        Agreed -- if she doesn't mind having to walk to and carry her food, Lacroix is the bomb-dizzle.

      2. I know that Waterworks has had negative reviews, but the people in my building - very close by - like it very much, especially for lunch or brunch when you have the lovely view.

        Recently, two different groups of friends were very disappointed in Four Seasons for lunch. It used to be excellent, but I think it may have slipped.

        1. I had brunch with 5 others last Sunday at Fitzwater Cafe, we all got different things, and we all loved our food. I'd forgotten how good it was there. And if you need it, they have their own small parking lot.

          Having mentioned being with 5 others, tho', I should point out for other readers that this is not such a good place for any more than 4 - we lucked out and got the outdoor table, but they're really not set up for large groups.

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              Forgot about Jakes; you're right...that is a great choice.