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I miss Graeter's Ice Cream

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...from Ohio. I have never tasted anything as good and creamy and huge yummy chocolate chips and wonderful simple ingredients. Has anyone had anything like it out here? I'm unwilling and not rich enough to pay $70 to ship 6 pints here.

I have read the previous posts about ice cream here and see lots of very "LA" ingredients - that's not what I'm looking for. If anyone has had Graeter's (http://www.graeters.com/index.cfm) and knows of anything comparable here please let me know.

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  1. I don't know, but if you're willing to split that shipment with someone, I'd be interested. Had some shipped to my house for a birthday party once. Damn, that is some good ice-cream!

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      While it's wonderful to make one's own ice cream (and we used to make loads of it when I had excess egg yolks from egg white fining red wines at my now-defunct winery, which I operated for 20 years) , but it's also wonderful to purchase superoir ice cream at places like Graeter's. I've wished to become involved in graeter's expansion, to the point of actual email discussions with them about it. They are expanding, but they see their expansion as a gourmet brand in the supermarket frozen section (a la Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daas pints) rather than the full service ice cream stores which have been responsible for Graeter's growth in the past. Whereas I believe the ice cream store brand and the premium shelf brand to be synergistic marketing efforts. Oh well, at least it's only a matter of time before it hits the supermarkets here.

    2. I'll join in that shipment if it's happening! I've not found anything to match those amazing chips. But for that good creamy ice cream, you might try Al Gelato on Robertson. My friend who introduced me to Graeters loves Al Gelato, so maybe it fills a craving?

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        I'll try Al Gelato and Fosselman's when I'm out there. Thanks for the advice. LOL on the shipment. We could have a chowhound ice cream party! I just wish someone would carry it out here....

      2. Have you tried Fosselman's? I don't know how it compares, but Fosselman's is rich and creamy and delicious. Here's a link to their webpage, with the addess of the store:


        1. I've never found any other ice cream that has those big, odd, semi-soft pieces of fudge like Graeters. But try Glacier Ice Cream in Manhattan Beach. They've got a terrific coconut fudge ice cream that tastes just like a creamy frozen mounds bar.

          1. Pay the money!! The best ice cream i have ever had...the chip family - none of them are to be missed!!!

            Al Gelato is very good too...and walking distance to my house!!

            1. Check your local Ralphs. As of June 2011 - many are carrying pints of Graeters for $5. And it's the same good stuff.

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                I was excited about Ralph's carrying it but they have limited flavors. Malibu Ralph's carries only 2
                : (

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                  I am by glendale and I think we have about 6 flavors, so Ralphs warehouse DOES have more. You might want to talk to your store manager and see if you can set up a special order.

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                    My local Ralph's in El Segundo carries more flavors too - I think around 5-6 last I was there. The Butter Pecan is amazing... and I don't usually even like Butter Pecan. The Chocolate Chip is more like Chocolate Chunky Chunk. So much chocolate! :)

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                      Ditto with my local Ralphs (Van Nuys and Burbank Blvd.'s).

                      If you like coconut like me, do yoursefl a favor and try their coconut chocolate chip. Great coconut flavor, a fair amount of actual coconut (imagine that!!), and as heinous pointed out above, lots and lots of chocolate!!

                      Kind of reminds me of the flavor "Coconut Chocloate Melt" from Glacier Ice Cream (of the Denver, CO area + formerly in Manhattan Beach until a couple years ago). Like a frozen Mounds bar....YUM!!!!!!

              2. You're in luck. I too am from Ohio and am now getting my Grater's fix--finally--in LA. All the Ralph's here have it. Usually only 5 flavors, but thankfully including raspberry chip and chocolate chip.

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                  I bought a pint of Graeter's chocolate chip from the Ralph's on La Brea/Third Street and it was icy.
                  Guess it wasn't handled properly so the experience wasn't so thrilling. Has anybody else come across this problem with their purchase. I'll probably give it another shot, but it's made me leery.

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                    Wow. No. We've bought at least 4 pints and have not had that problem. Definitely you should tell the store manager.

                    Good luck!

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                      Thanks for the reply "happybaker." This happened probably about 2 months ago. I'll give it a shot, but perhaps at another Ralph's.