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Jul 25, 2007 09:56 AM

Celebratory and romantic dinner tomorrow (Thurs)

Here I was all set to go to Taberna del alabardero to celebrate our wedding anniversay when I discover that Thursday is flamenco night -- arrggh. We are new to DC and though I have conducted a thorough search of the boards would appreciate your guidance.

We are looking for good food, nice winelist in a moderate-expensive but not bank-breaking price range, say max $100-120 per person, including wine. Possibilites include: Kinkead's (but hear the decor is bleak), Palena (except we live a block away and just ate at the bar on Saturday), Obelisk (possibly too pricey)... any other suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Totally understand if you don't feel like going for the flamenco night for your anniversary - but we actually really enjoyed it several years ago. I agree that the decor at Kinkead's is on the bleak side.

    1. I was going to suggest Palena. But seeing that you just ate there you might want to try something else.

      How about Cashion's in Adams Morgan. Their food is excellent and I'm sure you could get in last minute (might need to eat a little later though).

      I've never been to Obelisk but my boyfriend considers it one of the best meals he's had in DC.

      Another place to try is Equinox...depending on what you order I'm sure you can get out of there for around $120. And if you let them know you are celebrating an anniversary they will take excellent care of you.

      Taking a quick look on, a few places you also might want to consider:

      701 (I've never personally been but I've heard its very nice, especially the outside seating)
      Blue Duck Tavern
      Cafe 15-quite romantic. I've only been for Restaurant Week but it was wonderful then. Small, quiet dining room.
      Hook-again, never been but they have reservations available and its a hot spot right now
      PS7-very chic, trendy environment with fun, yummy food
      Sea Catch- I hear its romantic
      Zola-Very sexy decor. I love the tuna tartar appetizer.

      Good luck and Happy Anniversary!

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      1. re: Elyssa

        have you been to Matisse on Wisconsin Ave? its great french food in a quite, romatic setting. Its not cheap but certainly wont break the bank and they have a nice wine list. I havent seen much on this board about it, but my wife and i enjoy it alot!

        1. re: elegantelliot

          Another great French spot to consider is Bistro D'Oc. They food is excellent and you can certainly get out of there under $120. Not sure about the wine list though. But its cute, romantic, and the food is excellent French bistro.

      2. In your neighborhood is Tabard Inn - GREAT food, EXCELLENT winelist and well within your budget.

        One block from Eastern Market Metro is Montmartre - same attributes as the above.

        Montmartre is run by the same folks as Montsouris (which is also great) in Dupont - I think the atmosphere is more romantic at Montmartre.

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        1. re: Rosco1

          If you plan on going to Tabard Inn make sure to request a table out in the ultra-romanitc courtyard.

        2. I've never been to these but hear the are great.


          Friends went to Hook recently and raved about it.

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          1. re: jodik

            I don't know if you will be able to stay within in your budget at Komi. I've never been but I hear its pretty expensive. Also...reservations are practically impossible to come by.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Oh wait nevermind on the price thing. I thought you were thinking $120 total. You can certainly afford Komi then...getting in might be difficult though.

              1. re: Elyssa

                You all are so kind -- thanks so much for all the options! Right now am leaning toward something classically DC, to get us in the spirit of our new home -- any opinions between Tabard Inn vs 1789?

                1. re: Petitpois

                  If you are going for atmosphere, go to Tabard. If you are going for the food, go to 1789, which is better. Tabard's food can be inconsistent. I've also had better experiences with the service at 1789.

                  1. re: Petitpois

                    You have to go to 1789 then! It's about as classic DC as you get. Plus they have a great deal going on right now where you can download a coupon off their website and get a discounted meal.

                    My boyfriend surprised me with a dinner there this winter and it was lovely. Very romanitic, the service is some of the best in DC, and the food was classic (but not in a tired way) and delicious. It's a great excuse to get dressed up and taken care of.

                    If their chocolate and vanilla bread pudding is on the menu you should certainly try it. And you should know that men have to hear a jacket to dine there.

                    When making a reservation request to sit downstairs...the setting is better and more romantic then upstairs where I hear people feel a little lost.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      I am sold on 1789! It sounds exactly like what I'm in the mood for -- traditional, elegant, classic DC spot. Also, the coupon offers terrific value -- thanks for the tip!

                      Although this is possibly the type of cozy place that's more appropos to a chilly winter evening, you really can't beat the special summer offer!

                      I will report back on Friday!

              2. re: jodik

                these places are great, but are they at all romantic and quiet????? Central could be the complete opposite of quiet and romantic!

                1. re: elegantelliot

                  For the price you are suggesting, you can eat almost anywhere and still have a fairly decent bottle of wine. 1789 is very good, and 701 can be very romantic (make sure they know it is your anniversary and that you are looking for a romantic night out)

                  I doubt you could get a reservation at Komi.

                  However, might I suggest Marcel's. Excellent food, very good wine list, great service, very formal, and if you let them know it is your anniversary, they will make sure you get a romantic table.