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Jul 25, 2007 09:46 AM

Brunches that get you excited?

I noticed one Hound raving about the brunch at Great Bay (here: ), which I guess surprised me a little bit. I've considered trying it there, never have gotten around to it. It made me wonder: when was the last time I got really worked up about brunch?

It's a bit of a struggle to recall. First visit to The Neighorhood about twenty years ago, that was pretty impressive. Gospel brunch buffet at the old House of Blues (though it was mainly because they stuck a mike in my hand, so I could really embarrass my date.) First time at Blue Room's buffet. Finding jonnycakes on the menu at Deluxe Town Diner. First dim sum at Hei La Moon. First taste of the red flannel hash at Henrietta's Table. Banana pancakes at Rauxa (we must have gone back and had those ten times.) Lunch-y items (like soup) at Sel de la Terre. Discovering the B-Side was still serving brunch at 3pm after a night that had ended around 7am.

Okay, so I occasionally have gotten worked up over brunch, but it's not often. Mostly I feel bad for the staff, try not to be too much of a nuisance, and eat my eggs or waffles in silence. Union has a really pleasant one these days, though I suspect I just like the sunny atmosphere and good coffee and eye-openers: the food is merely fine, not extraordinary. I'm itching to get onto Hamersley's patio to try their new brunch.

Any other standout, rave-worthy brunch dishes or experiences? I mean, something that made you say, "Wow, dat was awesome!"?

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  1. Love the Neighborhood and East Coast Grill's fish tacos (only served at brunch).

    1. I'm pretty happy with Stella for a stand-by brunch, the food is good and with nice portions, the drinks are good and we usually have enough of them to make the poor waiter's afternoon a little more rewarding.

      But to your original question, it's not that exciting.

      Dim Sum with a few friends is ALWAYS exciting for me. I also used to get excited about brunch at the Tir na Nog, great Irish breakfast and it's always a good time to be completely sauced by 7pm. They had the best Sunday line up: breakfast, trivia, music, ashtrays.

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        Along the same lines as the Tir na Nog breakfast, the Plough and Stars makes very good brunch fare -- more on the savory side than the pancakey/waffley side of things. Nice to start a Sunday with a pint or a very good bloody Mary.

        I enjoyed the breakfast at Tu Y Yo more than I expected, and the breakfast sandwich at B-side was really good. I have to be in the right mood for either of those places though.

      2. East Coast Grill - Tortilla Rellenos (stuffed with duck) and the grits with the roasted bananas.

        Northern Style chinese brunch from either Shangri La or Chung Shin Yuan. You just have to get past that this is not the "traditional" eggs, pancakes, waffles etc. But, these northern brunch menus are great. They serve items not usually on the dinner menus like the soy bean noodle salad, or seaweed salad, different kinds of dumplings and noodles. Also the soy bean milk (I prefer salty to sweet), the chinese crullers, the meat sandwiches, the pickled cabbages etc.

        1. I like the Sunday Jazz Brunch at Bob's Southern Bistro, mainly because the House of Blues closed, and it's satisfies my urge for for grits, collard greens, candied yams, fried chicken, black eyed peas, sweet potato pie, etc.

          The fried chicken is usually pretty good, but on my last visit a few weeks ago it was kind of dry.

          I really miss the HOB Gospel Brunch.

          Bob's Southern Bistro
          604 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118

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          1. re: Infomaniac

            OMGGGGGG how Bob's has changed since I used to go to Bob the Chef's back in the day (mid-late 80s)!!!! First time I ever had Soul Food was at Bob's! Then I married into a Soul Food cooking I was grateful for the introduction.

            Note on the Cambridge House of Blues.....about 4 hours after eating there for the first and only time in 1994, I went into labor with my first child! I think it was the chicken that did it. :)

            1. re: vermontpoet

              Huh...I don't remember the House of Blues chicken being that greasy back in 1994.

              just kiddin...good memories.

          2. the last time i can recall being excited about brunch was at the late perdix. nary an insipid eggs benedict dish in sight...

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            1. re: coookie

              I loved the egg sandwich with avocado at perdix. It was good, greasy and huge!

              1. re: lissy

                yeah, i was thinking specifically of that. it was significantly differentiated from other brunches, but without being too weird.