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Jul 25, 2007 09:44 AM

Prime 103 East Hampton WORST MEAL EVER!!!!

I knew it was a risk going out on sat night for dinner on a sat, but we had house guests who wanted to go out. Ressie for 8:30- sat @ 9:15- not a word from the hostess etc. Our appies came around 10- the ceaser salad arrived with stale croutons- couldn't really determine if the food or the service was worst. People having fits all around us- avoid at all costs- I would suggest the 7-11 in wainscott before this disaster

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  1. I am not surprised, typical Jean Luc.

    1. there is no 7 - 11 in wainscot but thanks for the advice. By the way Madame Tong's another hac attempt at a restaurnat by Jean Luc got popped by the southampton village police for serving minors! You wonder why there is so much turnover in these types of operations.....very little emphasis is on serving great food well, all they want is to sell you an overpriced watered down "flavored martini"

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