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Jul 25, 2007 09:38 AM

Food Idea Near BMO Field (Exhibition Place)

Dear all,

I am going to watch a soccer game in the new BMO field in Downtown Toronto and I would like some food idea. Can be a restaurant near the field, or if there's any food I should try inside the food court in the facility. Thank you guys.

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  1. on liberty street, there is a place called The Liberty Street Cafe or something
    it's not bad. it's on the corner of liberty street and whatever street you walk up from the GO station. across from the Green P lot.

    1. If you like pho and other Vietnamese food, Pho Asia 21 on King just west of Dufferin is great.

      Also, Shoeless Joe's on King east of Dufferin has surprisingly decent pub grub.

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        1. Island Foods at King and Dufferin. Arguably the best Roti in the city (depending on who you ask...)

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            I second Island Foods and add in:
            No Regrets on Liberty at Mowat, one street east of Dufferin south of King
            Caffino on King, east of Dufferin south side

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              Be forewarned that Island Foods gets REALLY busy at lunch and dinner - as in a 20 minute wait kind of busy. Worth the wait if you have the time, but there's always an impatient person who didn't budget the wait time and yells at the gals behind the counter.

            2. Try the Old York at Niagara and Wellington ... a short walk away from the soccer stadium. Good bar food, especially their jerked chicken wings. Good beer too.

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                There's good food inside the stadium. There is a savoury pie Kiosk on west side near entrance that does very good meat pies.