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Jul 25, 2007 09:38 AM

TItle: need best cheap eats in cincinatti

Message: hi guys i'm gonna be on vacation in mid august and am looking for the best cheap eats in cincinatti specifically i'll be near great american ball park and downtown cincinatti. i don't wanna venture too far so what can you guys recommend.
thanks hungrymannyc

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  1. find some cincinnati chili - mt. washington chili is pretty famous but the skyline chain is a cincinnati classic for most of us. otherwise i'm not much help. good luck

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    1. re: AMFM

      It's CAMP Washington Chili. It is not real close to GABP, though, it is good for cheap eats.

      Skyline has a couple of locations downtown~

      For cheap eats, take the purple people bridge across the river into Newport and head up Monmouth St. There are quite a few places to chose from including Dixie Chili, and the Pepper Pod ~
      Or the Green Derby on York ~

      You can also go to MainStrasse in COvington. There are quite a few bars that offer cheap eats ~

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        thanks. i knew that didn't sound quite right. haven't lived there in years! but no one else was responding! downtown around the stadium is kind of a wasteland. :) KY is a great suggestion.

    2. Take a cab or walk to Covington KY and check out Riverside Korean! Great food and fairly cheap. Also the McCormick & Schmicks has some great cheap deals for happy hour at the bar. Have a great time!

      1. My picks for best cheap eats.
        Breakfast- Tuckers or Sugar and Spice
        Lunch- Burger or chili or both at Zip's
        BBQ- Pit-to-Plate
        Late night-Chili Time, Camp Washington or Pleasant Ridge Chili

        1. ok likes to eat are either of ur suggestions close to the ballpark or downtown.

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            There is a Skyline Chili at Sycamore and Fourth. From the ballpark main entrance, walk up Main Street (north) two blocks to Fourth, then head east one block.

            When you say cheap, how cheap are we talking? $5 for a meal? $10?

            1. re: hungrymannyc

              Sugar and Spice, Zip's and Pit-to-Plate are all far away from downtown--Camp Wash Chili is just about 3-4 miles away on I-75 (just west of Hopple St exit) and it's pretty representative of Cincy stuff (chili 3 ways and double deckers) But Skyline is downtown and closer.

              1. re: hungrymannyc

                Tuckers is in Over the Rhine. Everything else is a 15-20 minute drive. Not far by my standards.

              2. Sounds like you are not going to venture too far from Great American, so these are my recommendations.

                Riverside Korean in Covington is great, but if you're not into Korean or Asian, maybe Mexican? La Mexicana in Newport isn't that far - it's kinda your standard burrito joint as far as NYC goes, but hey, it's pretty much all we got. Also in Newport, Pompilio's. Not the greatest, but decent Italian and they have two Bocce courts. Hofbrauhaus, also in Newport, is pretty inexpensive, and outside of Munich and Vegas, it's the only other location. Get yourself a HUGE beer and some brats here.

                In Mt. Adams, just up the hill from downtown, go to City View Tavern on Oregon for a great burger and an even better view of Cincy and beyond.

                Like a previous reviewer mentioned, Skyline is a safe bet, if you are prepared - there's plenty at the ballpark and also one at 254 E 4th St.

                Zips is a good burger and a fun atmosphere, but City View is much closer and a better view.