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Jul 25, 2007 09:27 AM

Best cheap eats in cleveland

message: hi guys i'm a new visitor and i must say i love it. there is so much info on here and everyone seems cool so i figured i'd list my need. im gonna be on vacation in mid august and am looking for the best cheap eats in cleveland ohio are. specifically i'll be near jacobs field and downtown cleveland. i don't wanna venture too far so what can you guys recommend.
thanks hungrymannyc

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  1. will you have a car for 5 minute jaunts? willing to cab 5-10? or walking?

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      i'm not driving but am willing to travel within a 15-20 min radius whether its via public trans. or cab. nothing over 30 preferably. what do u have in mind.

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        west side market is across the bridge from downtown in an area called ohio city. it's a great farmer's market with good stands there. the winking lizard, right by the jake, has a fabulous beer selection and good wings. i suggest you go to the website's food and wine forum and post there. you will get tons of really good suggestions. you'll get some here but more there!
        i haven't lived in cleveland for a few years and lived in the burbs so my downtown ventures were for less of the cheap eats variety.

        1. re: hungrymannyc

          If you're willing to take a cab and travel 30 mins then you can get pretty much anywhere. You're centrally located and traveling in Cleveland isn't nearly as bad as some people seem to be accustomed to. Seriously, some of the restaurants I'm going to suggest are much farther for me than they will be for you and they still take about half an hour or less.

          For example, Presto is a fantastic sandwich shop. Great sides. There's bacon in the cole slaw. Or is it the potato salad? Whichever, there's bacon which is good. Great soups. At least the tomato soup which is what I had. I hear they have gelato now. Google Maps says it's 19 minutes from Jacobs Field.

          Shanti's Kitchen 16 minutes. Call to confirm that they've reopened after their renovations. This is one of the most consistently excellent restaurants in town at any price. Mostly takeout. Only two small tables. At least, prior to the recent renovation. Fish, chicken, lamb, goat, beef ribs... it's all better than good. It's excellent. Didn't care for the shrimp.

          Siam Cafe 8 min. Too much to recommend here. And it's the closest, too. You could eat all your meals here and get something different and excellent every time. Everything is good but some of the conventional American-Chinese food is, well, conventional. See some of my previous posts for specific recommendations.

          El Tango is 11 minutes from Jacobs Field. Again, another consistently excellent restaurant. The large portions stretch the value of the already reasonable prices.

          Siam Cafe
          3951 Saint Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114

          El Tango Taqueria
          14224 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

          Shanti's Kitchen
          4818 Turney Rd, Cleveland, OH 44125

          21984 Lorain Rd, Cleveland, OH 44126

      2. ok ill check that cause im looking for cheap eats as far as resturants and good places to dine. that kind of thing

        1. What types of food do you like, and what do you hate? If you like ethnic, how authentic do you like your food? What price range per person is considered cheap (for a New Yorker)...say for dinner? :)

          1. For my money, the best cheap eats are att Phnom Penh on Lorain. Again, it's a cab ride, but as people have said, you can get anywhere in Clv in not a lot of time. The only bad thing is, last I checked, they don't have a liquor license. But you can grab beer at the pharmacy across the street and bring it with you. The menu is Cambodian and Thai. Everything's good. My favorite is the spicy Pad Thai. It's different than I've had it anywhere else. I crave it just thinking about it.

            13124 Lorain Ave, Cleveland - (216) 251-0210

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            1. re: maafrank

              Cedarlands in the same building as the Cleveland Clinic guest house - best kabobs I've ever eaten!

              1. re: maafrank

                Phnom Penh has opened a second location less than two blocks from the West Side Market, on W. 25th street - you can get there by the RTA train from downtown and the food is awesome. Their non-alc drinks are great, and you have the Bier Garden and Great Lakes Brewery right within walking distance.

                Another great Happy Hour right near there is Light Bisto.

                Light Bistro
                2801 Bridge Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

                1. re: maafrank

                  I'm splitting hairs here, Phnom Penh is a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant. :) Although they serve pad thai as well.

                  Phnom Penh is great tasting and quite inexpensive. We usually pay less than $20 for dinner for two (2 appetizers and two entrees) + tip. I usually order the beef chha kreoung marass prowt (green/red peppers, peanuts, galanga, coconut, lemongrass, and lime) at medium heat. Husband usually orders the beef Asian basil fried rice at medium heat as well.

                  It's cash only.

                  1. re: maafrank

                    There is a newer branch of Phnom Penh on West 25th St. a few doors north of the West Side Market. MUCH prettier inside, but the same menu as the other one. And the W25th St. location would only be a 5 minute cab ride from the Jake. AND, you could grab a beer at the Bier Market across the street before or after dinner, which has an awesome selection of beers. I have used credit cards at this branch, though another writer below said it's cash only. Another suggestion is the West Side Market Cafe -- right in the West Side Market. While the Market is only open Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat, the Cafe is open daily. I just had breakfast there today, and it was great!

                    1. re: ClevelandRandy

                      I had not been to Phnom Penh's Lorain location in ~10 years. When I first visited their West 25th location, I had assumed they closed down the one on Lorain. Curiosity got the better of me, so we drove by the Lorain location 1-2 weeks ago and the place was shut down...for renovations, if I recall correctly. I don't remember the estimated date of completion.

                      This info isn't really helpful for the OP as the cab ride would be quite expensive and would take 30+ minutes to get to the Lorain location - but for those who were thinking about hitting the Lorain restaurant. I'd give it a month or two. :)

                  2. Try the Happy Hour method. There are a number of great restaurants in the downtown/Ohio City/Tremont area where you can get pricey chow ( or reasonably priced in the case of FFB and the Pig) for substantially less during the magic happy hour(s).

                    Flying Fig
                    2523 Market Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

                    Fat Fish Blue
                    21 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115

                    2417 Professor Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

                    Blind Pig
                    1228 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

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                    1. re: GDub

                      oh yeah. heard lolita one of michael simon's places in tremont has a great happy hour.

                      1. re: AMFM

                        I looked for an HH mention on Lolita's menu too and didn't see one...I guess I'll have to go check it out personally! ; )

                        1. re: GDub

                          i thought it was there. but just at the few seats at the bar. think you can get the kobe beef burger for a great deal. have heard people rave about it. have never been - call though. they're nice.

                          1. re: GDub

                            Happy Hour at Lolita = $5 Kobe beef burgers. best deal in town.
                            It is limited to bar seating. I think it is from 5-6:30pm, but don't quote me on that.