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Jul 25, 2007 09:24 AM

Best Dosa in Jackson Heights?

We will be passing through there this Friday and wanted recommendations for Dosa (and open at lunch) with the famine of Dosa adn all things Indian in Brooklyn we wanted to take this opportunity to feast. Thanks!

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  1. The only two places I know for dosas in Jackson Heights are:
    1. Dosa Diner. Not sure if it is open for lunch, but as you would hope based on the name, they have good dosas. I especially like one called something like the spicy dosa. Also, there was a really nice waiter there last time we visited (he had worked at Jackson Diner before) and he knew a lot about the food and enjoyed talking about it.
    • The reviled Jackson Diner. People on this board hate Jackson Diner, saying it is a shadow of its former more downmarket self, but I think it is OK, especially if you are in the neighborhood anyway. I did have a dosa there pretty recently and it was good, though not as good as Dosa Diner.

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      I believe Delhi Palace (37-33 74th Street ) also has dosas.

    2. Dosa Diner is excellent and it is open for lunch and dinner. I highly recommend the masala dosa or the chili paneer uttapam (with a mango lassi for completeness). If there are two of you, you might want to split the dosa and the thali. I like the spicing at Dosa Diner. It is subtle and complex. Also, I love the spicy tomato broth (sambhar) that comes with every order.

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        Thanks - Dosa Diner it is - Sambar should be standard with Dosa, do the provide any other accompaniments?

      2. Was it any good, I hope? Do tell.