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going to Tory Shin on Friday

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  • Aimee Jul 25, 2007 09:15 AM
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Is it only set meals? What is good there? Thanks.

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  1. not sure if you still picking the restaurant or you are definitely going to Tori Shin. Yakitori Tottos is better both in food quality and varieties.

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      I went for the first time to Tori Shin last night and it was amazingly good. Transported me to Kyoto. Great service, big comfortable upholstered chairs at the bar, great variety-duck, quail, quail eggs and of course, every imaginable (and unimaginable) part of the chicken. Japanese mushrooms were incredible. Tasting menu of skewers-I lost count after about 14-with sake and beer and an additional rice dish with egg and vegetables and chicken stock-was about $150-expensive for yakitori but again cheaper than a 14 hour flight. Have not been to Tottos but I cannot believe it could be superior. What I found amusing though is that the place looks more like a sushi bar, the grills are underneath. So when I first walked in, as one of the few non-Japanese customers, the waitress interrogated me much the way I imagine they did at sushi bars before they became ubiquitous.. "Do you know you're in a yakitori bar not a sushi bar? Do you eat medium rare chicken? Livers? Other parts?" To which I answered yes, yes, yes and yes. And my favorite question:"Is there anything that you don't like to eat?" to which I can truthfully and emphatically answer:NO.

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        Did you have the shiso leaf sorbet?