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Jul 25, 2007 09:06 AM

Campari Soda in a bottle

I've long thought the Campari Soda bottle was quite beautiful, and recently have seen it represented in modern design and art.

I know I can get a bottle of Campari at the local liquor store, but I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could get a box of Campari Sodas? I would love to put some out before my next dinner party as an aperitif.

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  1. Campari soda still has alcohol, so I would try calling martignetti in the North End to at least ask.

    Sanbitter is a lot easier to find and has a very similar bottle, the taste though is different and no alcohol. I enjoy it as do a small minority of my friends. Or keep it on hand, but mix Campari and soda into glasses. Bob's, Sessa's (check the date on the box), J Pace all carry it.

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      Thanks for that info itaunas. I'm not familiar with Sanbitter, but I will definitely follow up.

      1. re: itaunas

        i buy sanbitter at the shaw's in east boston.

      2. jylze: please report back if you fine the campari soda, I've been dying to try it and can never find it where I shop...

        1. Hello all,

          I am looking for campari soda. I am in new york. Does anyone know of where it can be purchased?

          Thanks so much,