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Jul 25, 2007 09:00 AM

Pasta Nostra in Norwalk... accessable by train?

This place has been in the back of my mind for a couple of years, ever since a Martha Stewart Living segment featuring the owner. Is it (native NYer) walking distance from the train? Which station is closer, South Norwalk or East Norwalk?

Also, are reservations a must at all times, or can you count on a table off hours/days?

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  1. Yes, take the train to So. Norwalk station. It is short walking distance from there... I would definitely recommend making a reservation. They only serve dinner Weds - Sat.
    Here's their website - call and ask for walking direx (and make a ressie):

    Enjoy! Chef Joe is a very nice guy, IMO....always a delight with my family.

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      Thanks Amanda, sorry I can't spell accesible. Still can't.

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        Well, that's not what I was asking really. I'll make that decision for myself! Anyway, three (five?) negative words like that are easy to type, but don't help out much at all. Care to expand?

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          Maybe a tad overpriced, but I think the food is great. Haven't been there in awhile - my girlfriends don't like to actually pay more than 15 dollars for an entree whereas I do occasionally like to treat myself. During the summer he does lots of raw tomato sauces. If he has the mussel appetizer - go for it - they were so simply prepared and yet the best I had ever eaten. Also like the steak pizzaola, the fresh striped bass, spagetti and meatballs (sounds simple, but they are not), the tortellini with prosciutto and butter and the scallops in brown butter sauce. Just 1 note - if you get a seafood entree and get pasta on the side, don't ask for cheese.

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        1. the new fancy-schmancy police station is down the street. you should be fine at night, especially on the weekends (it's pretty crowded down there, the area is expanding all the time)

          i've not been to pasta nostra yet, but we go to strada 18 a few doors down occasionally and enjoy it. perhaps, since there are mixed reviews here, look at the menus for both and see which appeals to you more?

          and don't miss the truffles, etc and chocopologie on your way back to the station!