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Jul 25, 2007 08:44 AM

Top Chef Q&A

Interesting preview to tonight's Top Chef reuinion on TV Guide's website -
I agree that this season seems to be more about cooking and less about drama. I'm really enjoying it.

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  1. Interesting, Harold's comment goes along with what Frank Bruni had to say about his experience ar Perilla, he went a few times and never saw Harold in front.

    1. I was annoyed by this only because I was expecting the next Ep of TC. ANNOYING!

      1. Yeah, I was disappointed, too, that this was not a regular episode. But I watched, nonetheless.

        It's always interesting to see these folks outside of the competition. I enjoy seeing what friendships developed and have remained intact. Liked being updated on what everyone is doing. Thought Jean George's comment about Lia was sweet. I enjoyed getting a glimpse at Harold's new resto. (Although it's interesting...I thought he looked very detatched and "above it all" on the show - mainly because of his posture. Well, I read his blog on this morning and he said he really enjoyed himself...and that it was a good show. Didn't seem that way watching him.)

        I also thought it was interesting to hear the dialog between the judges and the cheftestants. You always get the impression there's a big wall of decorum and propriety between them on the show (and there likely is to an extent), but here they were just one big group of chefs. It was refreshing. And to see Padma, Gail and Tom get razzed (each in a different way) was fun....made them more human.

        Looking forward to getting back to the competition next week....and to seeing the newly "remodeled" Rocco DiSpirito.

        1. well... i knew it wasn't going to be a new episode but i still enjoyed the q&a.

          micah's answers/comments still bug me.. it seemed like some of the other ppl there didn't really know how to respond to her remarks either -- just my opinion.

          1. While it seemed a bit too early for the Q&A "reunion", I did enjoy it.

            Micah still bugged me with her "I'm a world traveler experiencing life vs. the rest of you just living life" attitude. Please get over yourself! Cliff's reaction to her saying "I'm an African-American" was classic.

            The video they showed from TC2's season with the in-suite QuickFire challenge, with Elia as Padma was absolutely hysterical - she really got Padma's timing down pat. Loved the question to the "contestants" - "Why did your meat....taste like meat?"

            Cliff was very gracious in his acknowledgement that he went too far in the head shaving and that it was right he be booted off.

            Harold seemed overly relaxed, but after seeing him throughout TC1 and the Challenge between TC1/TC2, that just seems to be the way he is.

            Dave Martin? Still (and probably always will be) overly frenetic.

            Lee Ann - absolutely stunning woman. Really glad Bravo hired her as a food producer behind the scenes.

            And finally - Sam and Ilan. Sam, still wish he had won TC2. Funny seeing Sam at all of the events with women telling him he should have won, and then Sam turning to the camera in an aside saying "She grabbed my a**!"

            And Ilan - ::::Sigh::::: The tux with no sox, and pants that ended halfway up his calf. You'd think after winning $100K, he could buy a properly fitted tux. Still seems like he hasn't changed. No surprise that Ilan continues to bash Sam - probably knows Sam should have won as well! Ilan's insecurities, which he says Sam has, are shining through bright and clear as a bell! Also very glad Marcel wasn't there - the Marcel/Ilan saga would have just continued.

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            1. re: LindaWhit

              LeeAnn had a great blog on, too...they had all just had a mimosa breakfast.

              I wasn't so annoyed at Ilan this time. I think he was trying to be nice...LeeAnn said he had brought some ham from Spain for them. He is just young and insecure. He also has a blog (hidden, you have to click "and more!") and he goes on a little defensive tirade there. The rest of his post is sort of poorly written and he comes off as just not being as bright or thoughtful as people like Sam, Carlos or LeeAnn. The whole TC experience has been very good to him so hopefully he will find the right way to take advantage of it and not mess up the opportunity.

              It's pretty amazing how the show vaults the cheftestants into the industry at the highest level, at which point it's sink or swim. Season 4 casting is starting, and I think TC's influence is only going to increase. Two emmy nominations!

              1. re: kenito799

                I read Lee Ann's blog - I really enjoy both her blogs and Sam's, as well as Ted's. (Also noticed that Padma is out of the blogging for the rest of the season and Barton G. has stepped in as a guest blogger, just like A. Bourdain has done for Tom Colicchio.)

                Ted Allen definitely has a super-crush on Sam. Who wouldn't? Glad Ted called Howie out on sweating into the food. Yes, I'm sure it happens in many restaurant kitchens. Just don't need to see it!

                Ilan's last blog was from several weeks ago. He's definitely defensive. And I think that comes from his ongoing insecurities. But that's JMO.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  I was surprised when Ilan said he's too busy with "other things" to focus on opening his restaurant. By "other things" I'm assuming he's too busy with media and "celebrity" appearances. Either he's going into Rocco DiSpirito mode and eating up the celebrity, or needs the attention to boost his ego/self-esteem. Either way contrast that to Harold who's focused on his restaurant, food, and cooking. Props to Harold and his professionalism, he has a great career ahead of him.

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    Insecure and defensive. That's exactly the way Ilan came across during the Q&A.
                    Harold and Sam? Both yummy!

                2. re: LindaWhit

                  Micah is "all about Micah". Tim Allen has a crush on Sam.

                    1. re: melly

                      man, Micah is annoying. I love how Harold was dumbfounded when she said she had never watched the show...he goes on about it in his blog. He also makes fun of the Chaine des Rotisseurs (or whateverthey are) hilariously.

                      1. re: kenito799

                        Yeah I liked how practically the whole cast collectively rolled their eyes at Micah's last few ultra-lame comments about how much more of a life she has beyond the show. I still don't buy that she's never eaten American food, her mom is American and she went to HS here for cryin out loud! What a poseur.

                      2. re: melly

                        I MIcah is gorgeous. I kinda like a little attitude in a girl