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Jul 25, 2007 08:28 AM

Alta-- any recent experiences? (or, other bday recs not too pricey, delicious, in the village)

I'm thinking of going here on Friday with my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday. Looking through some scattered postings here (and in general) it sounds like reviews from two different restaurants. Either that the food is really good or too salted/sweet? Also, there have been some bad service reports, but again some people saying that it was good...

Now I know that there will always be some level of disagreement, I was wondering if anyone had any relatively recent experiences to share. Seeing as this is my birthday and he and I don't get to go out to nice dinners together too often I want to choose a place that will be a "sure thing".

Thanks (and any other input on places to try would be more than welcomed). We're thinking village area (not east), preferably under $150 with wine, tip, everything for two of us. Type of food doesn't matter as long as it is genuinely wonderful.

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  1. I would put my money on Alta, no doubt. I've been recommending it a lot on here lately, but that's just cause we've had so many great experiences. You could definitely keep it in your budget if you don't order too many cocktails.

    The food is delicious, the wine selection is very good, and the mixed cocktails are also great (watch out for the sangria... very dangerous!). We've always had such great service there that we even had our rehearsal dinner there this past March. The menu is always changing with fresh ingredients, but our favorite are the fried goat cheese, spinach salad, this Moroccan chicken confit bestilla (sp??) thing, and the crab & shrimp salad, which is wrapped in avocado. It's such a great opportunity to try a variety of new flavors and share all of it!

    Happy Birthday!

    1. I'm a big fan (count my vote in for the amazing spinach salad and the fried goat cheese, too), it's a great place to linger over small plates, good wine, and deadly cocktails. The service, especially at the bar, can be very distracted, but if you focus on the food and the cozy atmosphere you can usually overlook it. And you can definitely get out for under $150. It will probably be in the $100-$120 range for the two of you.