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Jul 25, 2007 08:18 AM

Saskatoon Berries in Toronto?

Anyone seen any saskatoon berries in TO? They seem to be on restaurant menus everywhere but haven't seen them anywhere!

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  1. try forbe's wild foods They might be able to tell you which retailers they sell 'toon berries to, if any

    1. I'm from the west (born in 'Toon town actually) and every time I go back to Alberta I take a cooler with me, which I fill with frozen saskatoon berries and bring back because I can't find them here either. This place - might ship them in the winter but I haven't been desparate enough yet to ask them if they'll do that. They have sturdy little 5 lb boxes with a nice thick plastic bag of berries inside.

      1. i got some from the dufferin grove farmer's market today wahoo!!

        1. Culinarium on Mt. Pleasant is selling them.

          1. As an aside, have you tried the Saskatoonberry liqueur the LCBO has? I've usually seen it at a Vintages outlet at christmas time. It's v. good!

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              Jonathan Forbes had them last weekend at the Brickworks Farmers Market. $7 per quart. They were saskatoons from Ontario, and I think they were cultivated, not wild.