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Jul 25, 2007 08:07 AM

Mistral in Charleston, SC - what do you think?

hey there-- visiting charleston next weekend and Mistral came highly recommended to me from a sometimes questionable source --- is it among the best french food in town? seemed le fourchette is recommended above mistral....thoughts? just curious....

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  1. I do prefer La Frouchette over Mistral. That being said, Mistral is very good and convenient to the touristy area of Charleston. The area around La Frouchette is where all of the nightlife is though. It is close to Raval, Coast, Chai's, and A.C.'s.

    1. IMO, there are too many good choices in Charleston to include Mistral.

      1. I've only eaten dinner there a couple of times and they were good but not jaw-dropping. I used to go there a lot with a girl I dated in college to eat desert and listen to a good jazz band that played on Fri & Sat. nights. I don't know if they still play there but we used to really enjoy them. Despite the location it is, or at least was, a haven from the tourons (tourist + morons) that seem to take over everything else at the market.

        1. La Fourchette is easily the best French food in Charleston. You will feel like you are in a bistro along Boulevard St.-Germain.