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Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Boston

Lately I have been craving chicken salad, weird, I know.

Any suggestions of chicken salad sanwiches around town?

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  1. I am very fond of the chicken salad sub at Al's State Street Cafe on State Street in Boston. Although the place (despite the "cafe" in the name) is a glorified sub shop, their chicken salad sub is fabulous. However, keep in mind that the "large" sub at Al's is huge.

    1. It's hard to find a decent, albeit great, chicken sandwich in Boston, as many places use little to no seasoning on the bland mayo and chicken combination. Thatis, except for the Otherside Cafe in Back Bay. This hole-in-the-wall hipster scene typically has a few different chicken salads to choose from (my favorite is the curry) and there are plenty of spices to go around. Oh, and the prices make it even more satisfying.

      Other Side Cafe
      407 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

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        Snomad, we must have been typing at the same time!

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          I love it when that happens, though. Great tastebuds...

      2. The Other Side Cosmic Cafe has a "chicken salad of the day". I love the one with almonds and grapes, reminds me of the one my mom used to make. Other varieties include tarragon and curry (not my favorite, but tasty). Now I am craving chicken salad! Another idea is Francesca's in the South End.

        1. If you like a "straight" chicken salad, meaning mayo, celery and chicken, believe it or not, Roche Bros. supermarket makes the BEST chicken salad at their deli counter. It comes in both white meat and dark meat versions, and it rocks. I've never been able to duplicate it. It's fairly expensive, but very tasty.

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            I have been buying Roche Bros/Sudbury Farms for years and it's decent but nothing to write home about; I usually enjoy the chicken salad made by Baker's Best in Newton made with mayo, red grapes, red onion, etc.

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              Agreed on the Bakers Best chicken salad. I usually get it on pullman bread (white or wheat) with red onion. It's terrific.

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                3rd for Baker's Best. My runner up favorite chicken salad is at Kurkman's Market in Brookline- they don't make it on site so I don't know the company- but it is has cranberries and is not the chicken salad with cranberries at Roche Bros. I'm not too crazy about Rochie's chicken salads in general.
                I used to love the chicken salad at the old Ritz Cafe.

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              I got a curried version from the W. Rox store and did not like it at all.

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                Curried chicken salad at Hi-Rise, last I had it, was mouthwatering.

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                They used to also have a second ready-made version with grapes that was decent for making a quick wrap at home.

                Made at home starting with a rotisserie chicken is the best version, IMO.

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                  and they offer a balsamic version at their gourmet food counter as well most days next to the regular deli counter... which has red onion, dark meat, and balsamic vinegar to flavor it, very good for a change.

                  I second the white meat salad because it is straight chicken and Hellmann's mayo plus celery. This makes it easy to gussy up, too!

                2. If you like Roche Bros. Chicken Salad then I have great news for you. I once was getting a pound and they needed to open a new container. It was "Hans Kistle" brand, and they sell it at your local BJ's Wholesale in white or dark meat!!!!

                  1. The best chicken salad I've tasted is from Russo's in Watertown. They've got both a "straight" white-meat chicken salad with a hint of lemon that's delicious, as well as a "Brazilian" chicken salad that's also very good.

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                      I've been eying the Brazilian - what's in it?

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                        Not exactly a sandwich, but eats and treats does a salpicao crepe(which is brazilian chicken salad). I'll let Rookie say whats in the Russo's salad, but salpicao is generally made with shredded breast meat (most places cook it freshly), less mayo than US chicken salad, then a variety of ingredients which can include apple, bell pepper, raisins, shredded carrots, green onions, cilantro or parsley, olives, then topped with potato sticks (the imported brazilian ones are way better than french's or make your own). Sometimes the potato sticks are mixed in, but they then lose their crunch.

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                        Just had the plain this weekend - definitely amazing, and apparently made from their rotisserie chicken. Bonus points - four subs, no bone or cartilage fragments.

                      3. Would you consider a chicken sandwich? Flour has a great sandwich with sliced roast chicken, jicama, and avocado spread; it's one of my favorite things on their menu.

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                          Mmmm.... yeah. Second that rec. Something about the crunchy jicama and the smooth avocado.

                        2. The Danish Pastry House in Medford Hillside does a chicken salad sandwich with grapes and brie that I enjoy, as well as the chicken salad sandwich at the Soleil Cafe in Teele Square. I also like the chicken salad at Pemberton Farms, which is more of a shredded chicken type closer to tuna salad consistency (but really nice chicken flavor / somewhat less mayonnaise).

                          1. Agreed that Hi-Rise makes an excellent chicken salad.

                            Also, when done properly the Whole Foods Sonoma chicken salad is pretty tasty (white meat chicken, red grapes, poppy seeds, celery, canola mayo, touch of honey, and white pepper). The WF on River St. usually does a nice job (I stress usually as it isn't as consistent as I might like). They often do a seasonal chicken salad too.

                            Also agreed that the Roche Brothers chicken salad is totally overrated. I find it funny to learn that is comes out of a tub (not surprising). I guess if you like a little chicken with your mayonaise it's a winner.

                            1. Costco sells a great & fresh "New England" chicken salad with cranberries, etc

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                                Bean and Leaf cafe in the financial district always has a variety of chicken salads that are usually good

                              2. This was just posted on another thread. Chicken Salad at Code 10.


                                1. There's a little hole in the wall called La Rotisserie out on Route 9, in the same strip center as Bloomingdales, The Container Store, Rosie's and an AMC theater. They do a very nice, unpretentious chicken salad sandwich.

                                  1. agree with the flour rec. also, nashoba street bakery on columbus (between dartmouth and clarendon) has a pretty decent curry chicken salad sandwich, iirc.

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                                      I've always liked the chicken salad at Trident Cafe at the bookstore on Newbury Street. It has grapes and nuts and is very satisfying.

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                                        i second russos and like the chicken salad at New England Soup Factory. And re: La Rotisserie, this is a little takeout joint that does a lot of things well: not half bad chicken and ribs and very good purple cabbage slaw.

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                                          I love the chix salad at lionettes in the SE. LOVE it, with a demi baguette and make my own.
                                          never bothered to order it from garden of eden, I just go next door and get a pint!

                                    2. I agree that Hi-Rise has a great chicken salad sandwich. Also in that area there used to be Cheddar's, this little sub shop opposite from the Fresh Pond shopping center. Not sure if it's still there but for some reason there chicken salad was incredible. It was finely shredded chicken with a pleasant, peppery kick.

                                      1. A little bit out of the way, Pizzi Farm in Waltham near Rt 128 and Trapelo Rd makes a great one with cranberries, chopped walnuts, celery and of course mayo(tastes like Helmanns). I alway get a pint of it a few times a year when I'm out that way. They make sandwiches there to. Take-out only.

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                                          A worthy chicken salad can be found at the Amsterdam Cafe on Columbus in the South End. Delicious on focacia!

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                                            The Amsterdam Cafe in Southie also does a great chicken salad.

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                                            suspiciously like the costo though..will try Russo's. The best I had was without mayo however, very fresh tasting..now I just have to remember WHERE!!!

                                          3. I really like the Reina Pepiada arepas at Viva Mi Arepa in West Roxbury and Orinoco in the South End.

                                            1. Appleton Street Bakery in the South End always has 2 types of chx salad on their menu. It varies from the classic, to mediterranean, to curry, etc. I don't eat chx, but my husbands loves all of the versions. I love their tuna salad, lemony w/ capers!

                                              1. My favorite chicken salad is at Cheddar's in Cambridge, (Fresh Pond area). It is the best I have ever had, and it's just regualr chicken salad no frills. It is SO YUMMY, I wish I knew their secret, but it's a must. Keech6, I completely agree with you, just notived your comment!

                                                1. Cafe Kiraz between Kendall and Inman makes an interesting curried version on toasted white bread. Somehow with the toasting of the bread, it's a little crispy but still a little chewy. I love it.

                                                  This one sounds weird, but I also love it. Angelato on Trapelo Rd. in Belmont has the "Shant's..." sandwich which is Boar's Head chicken salad (a little mayo-ey), bacon, and honey mustard. Sounds pretty strange, but ultimately REALLY tasty.

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                                                    The one at Shant's sounds amazing. I will have to try that out!

                                                  2. Willow Tree is the only chicken salad in southeastern MA. It is revered. Made with mostly mayo, it also has garlic, onion, and brown sugar. It is available at their retail outlet in North Attleboro ($5.99/lb) and also available at supermarket delis. It is not for dieters.

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                                                      I love Willow Tree. I'm finding it at more supermarkets lately at their deli counter. Up until a year ago, I could only find it at the Star Market (or is it a Shaws?) on McGrath Hwy where Marshall's is.

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                                                        Willow Tree Chicken Salad = Crack

                                                      2. Sorry for noticing this late, but as I was craving a chicken salad sandwich I searched the board for this. I noticed a glaring omission. I highly recommend anyone on the North Shore to try out the Butchery in Danvers for their chicken salad. It's really good. Like make me cry good. Cry very fattening tears. Also check out their steak tips.

                                                        1. Blue Ribbon BBQ does an outstanding spicy chicken salad rollup.

                                                          1. Sebastians' chicken salad is great. I highly recommend trying it with the sundried tomato spread.

                                                            1. Orinoco makes an awesome chicken salad arepa with avocado

                                                              1. I just KNOW that I'm going to be vocally or mentally tarred and feathered for this recommendation, but I do feel that no better chicken salad sandwich DEAL exists than that for a large D'Angelo's chicken salad on toasted white roll w/ whatever accoutrements you prefer(for me, it's bacon, lettuce and tomato.) I am a big eater but their Large makes for two very generous lunches for me. With the coupon available through mid-August (google "D'Angelos coupons") the Large is $5; that's $2.50 p. lunch.! I think the chicken salad has good authentic flavor and it is not dried out and tough. The roll is nothing special but it's not Wonderbread, and when I feel like going to the trouble, I just transfer the sandwich contents onto some toasted Iggy's Francese, add a lot of fresh cracked black pepper, and Voila! I am a very happy camper!

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                                                                  I feel the same way about D'Angelos. These days though, I head over to Russo's, which is just down the road and buy their large chicken salad sub with lettuce and tomato which is always $5.98. It is made with a good sub roll that is substantial and their own roasted chicken. I too make 2 lunches out of it so it's a really good deal.


                                                                2. My favorite chicken salad sandwich has got to be from Al's State Street Cafe. I like the chicken salad with pickles and hot relish. I don't get their sandwiches very often because they are so huge but when I do, its the chicken salad or the State Street Cafe Special (tomato, mozzarella, proscuitto and basil with the most delicious balsamic vinegar)!

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                                                                    Al's is great, and I usually get it in a rollup with lettuce, tomato, pickles, salt and pepper. However, every once in a while I'll get a rubbery bit of cartilage, which I know is a not always easy to 100% remove.

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                                                                      Al's is more quantity than quality from what I've tasted.

                                                                    2. My favorite chicken salad sandwich as of late is The Cowgirl at Hot Tomatoes (the North End location)...I haven't had a better one in Boston yet.

                                                                      1. My favorite currently is at Bina Alimentari. Really, really good.

                                                                        1. Hop in the car and drive to Gloucester and go to Virgilios on Main street. They have the best chicken salad I have ever had. The scala bread that they serve it on is awesome.

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                                                                            My favorite chicken salad by far is J. Pace's in the North End. Check it out if you're a fan of chix salad!