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Dec 31, 2005 03:12 PM

Veal sweetbreads

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Does anyone know a butcher or meat purveyor in either San Francisco or North Bay (up to Santa Rosa) who sells sweetbreads?

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    ChowFun (derek)

    I've tried to get them fresh, but no luck...the last time I checked (now a few years ago) Andronicos (here in the city) had them frozen, as did Bryans on Calif. St. near the JCC.
    Maybe someone will respond with updated info for us...sweetbreads are my favorite...Avenue 9 did a wonderful version!

    1. Andronico"s had some frozen for $11.99 lb...yeah, right. I called Mollie Stone's in Bon Air...meat guy said they get them in on Tuesdays, and while he was not too clear, what they don't sell right away, they freeze. I bought some at Mollie's a few years ago, and I wanted them frozen...around $6.99 lb. They are very perishable, and the limited demand is a problem for vendors. I haven't checked Bryan's, but I would guess they get them in weekly. When I get some, I intend to soak and cook them, and freeze in vacuum shrinked packages.