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Jul 25, 2007 07:58 AM

Not to miss on a two-day trip to Atlanta?

Two thirty-something foodies/culture-hounds travelling to Atlanta July 30-August 2. Looking for lunch and dinner rec's close to Midtown/High Museum area (although it seems that you must drive anywhere in Atlanta so distance isn't that big of a deal!) I have received suggestions on Watershed (lunch) and Two Urban Licks for dinner. Trendy and casual as opposed to "quiet and formal" preferred. Money isn't an issue when it comes to quality dining and drink.

Also looking for a classic "meat and three"--does Mary Macs ring a bell?

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  1. Your choices are good ones. I would recommend Woodfire Grill on Cheshire Bridge or Floataway Cafe on Zonolite. They are excellent!
    Mary Macs is just okay but I am having a hard time coming up with a substitute for it.
    Have fun while you are here!

    1. Go to Element and ask if the chef can do a tasting menu for you. You will not be sorry. See prior posts for more info.

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        I would concur with biskuit if you are looking for that "not to miss" experience. Really quite different from anything I've ever had before anywhere.

      2. You have to go to Element it's at 11th and W. Peachtree, really close to the High. Avoid Two. Urban like the plauge. Ecco @ 7th and Cypress is really good and it blows Two. out of the water.

        1. Close to the High is Trois, one of the city's new crown jewels. French inspiration and definitely a place to see and be scene. The other place if money isn't an issue is Bacchanalia on Howell Mill Road (close to Midtown). Consistently rated one of "the best" restaurants in Atlanta. Another place we enjoy that has a great view and nice vibe is Taurus Restaurant, right at the edge of Buckhead, overlooking the Midtown skyline. Haven't been to, but have heard raves about, Restaurant Eugene, located just north of Midtown. Classic meat and three - Mary Macs still an institution, but you may want to try Colonnade on Cheshire Bridge as well. Have a great trip!

          1. Collonnade trumps Mary Macs for me, but they only serve dinner these days. We have had good meals at South City Kitchen in Midtown, very near Trois. The Chocolate Bar in Decatur is the trendy new spot for fancy shmancy desserts, drinks, and small plates. Have a great trip!

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              I've heard Chocolate Bar is so-so... I originally thought it was a restaurant that worked chocolate into all courses (cocoa dusted pork tenderloin, beef ragu with grated chocolate on top, etc). Reading the menu online, it seems it is a place to highlight Chocolatinis and such with food as an afterthought.

              An acquaintance mentioned they were really snooty and picky about the clientele.
              Have you had a better experience?

              For desserts I would pick up some little things at a bakery - Murphy's or Alon's in the Highlands, Joli Kobe in Sandy Springs, Rhodes on Cheshire Bridge, Henri's in Buckhead.
              For small plates I would suggest Eclipse di Luna, Noche.

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                Have you tried Chocolate Pink Pastry on Juniper. It is unbelievable!

                1. re: Katj

                  How's the parking situation there, out of curiosity? The sign looks cute...

                  What about the Matty Cake place on Piedmont at Rock Springs? (almost across from Fat Matt's)

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                    I haven't tried Matty Cake's, anyone?
                    They have a parking garage for the building and I think they validate. I have been lucky and found a space not too far each time.
                    It is so great, it will bring tears to your eyes.