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Jul 25, 2007 07:51 AM

Saturday in Tratesvere

I am arriving on Saturday in Tratesvere (Hotle Ripa)- I would like to have some reservations...but where should I go. This night somewhere easy to get to walking in the neigbourhood.

Any suggestions? Please no touristy restaurants....

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  1. You mean Trastevere. Hotel Ripa has a restaurant I have heard recommended but have never been to, or it may be more of a café, but you can eat there. Very modern. Otherwise you have to walk to and across Viale Trastevere toward Piazza Santa Maria, which is the heart of the neighborhood, probably 10 minutes at a brisk pace. There are also some trattorias around Santa Cecilia (look at a map). Near Santa Maria is the restaurant Paris, which is a classic, bourgeois place specializing in traditional Roman cooking. It's practically the only place I ever go in Trastevere. Or have a pizza at Ivo.

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      Concierge has reccommended Vizi Capitali, any thoughts on this choice?