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Jul 25, 2007 07:39 AM

Dinner in Chappaqua?

I'll be taking a friend to dinner who lives in Chappaqua and we don't want to drive far. Any suggestions? I've heard Le Jardin du Roi is worthy. Wine list is unimportant. Nice ambiance is important. Thanks.

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    1. Le Jardin du Roi.....good scene--mediocre food.

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        Any other suggestions? Kittle House? Grappolo? Takayama?

      2. I ate at Le Jardin a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday night at 8 PM. It was packed, I was glad we had made a reservation. Everyone at my table enjoyed their food completely, whether it was the lobster salad (huge, and full of lobster) or the coq au vin. I had the demi poulet, with steamed veggies instead of fries. Even the veggies were delicious -- seemed fresh, not from a mix, and even without butter just divine.

        The prices are high, but in my mind worth it. As for ambiance, it's lovely -- especially if you are early enough to eat outside.

        1. You will get varying opinions on thisplace as well, but jfood is a fan of Kittle House.

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            We really like Le Jardin du Roi. It's basic French bistro food. You're not going to have something there that blows you away with it's originality or intellectual interest, but if an onion soup/escargot/duck confit/steak frites sort of menu appeals, I recommend it highly. We have always enjoyed the food, the service is very pleasant and if you're there on a nice evening, eating on the patio is a pleasure. It's very casual.