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Jul 25, 2007 07:38 AM

Freedom BBQ in Island Park

Has anyone tried this new bbq place yet?

FYI-Bad Bob's in Oceanside says they're not opening until August now (fire marshall issues).

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  1. I went there on Tuesday eve with my wife. Nice looking place that is owned by the old owner of Outback in Merrick. He is a restauranteur who is jumping on the BBQ bandwagon. I had the 3 Meat combo platter, sauage, baby back & st louis ribs. Way to much MSG in the meat, left a horrid taste in my mouth at 3a.m.-yuck. Sides were ok as was the corn bread. Biscuits and maple butter were a hit with the wife. Coffee was very weak. Of course this was the second day he was open so I will probably give it one more try to see if he improves his product.
    Looking forward to seeing Bad Bob's open. I have met with the guys that own it and they are excited to bring real BBQ to Nassau County. These guys are the real deal and should put out some good product. I will wait and see.

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      Think there is a Bad Bob's at the Capri Marina in Port Washington? Someone recently mentioned it. Anybody been and is it the same? Thanks.

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        Yes a bad boy opened about 3 months ago, Fast, OK food, stick with the pulled pork, stay away form the corn,clam strips. Great location right on the dock.

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        Glad to hear about Bad Bob's- I've been doing drive-bys and calling for 2 months now, since I got coupons in the mail. Happily, they're next door to Ralph's, so the trip isn't wasted...

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          Thanks, I think we'll give it more time and head over to Laura's in Bellmore. My 4 year old daughter only wants meat for her birthday dinner!

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            Where in Oceanside is Bad Bob's ?

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              Lawson, right by the train station, next to Ralph's ices.

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            I went to Freedom BBQ on Sunday with my Boyfriend. The outside is a little bright but when you walk in there is someone holding the door for you and the interior is relaxing. The hostess that brought me to my table was very nice and very professionally dressed. They serve you warm biscuits and a maple butter when you sit which are a treat. for an appetizer we shared pulled pork blankets which i thought were very inventive and tasty. As an entree i got the Memphis Chicken which was the best chicken i have tasted in a while. the fries were so nicley seasoned and hit the spot. If your a ribs person you deffinatley have to make time to try their ribs because they are as close to perfect as ribs can be. They have 3 homemade sauces which vary in taste to suit every costumers preference. For dessert we shared the Deep fried twinkies which are to die for. I never heard of them until sunday and now i cant stop craving them. Overall the service was great, the hostess' were very hospitable and the food was delicous and i cant wait to go and eat there again soon.

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              Just a response to Porky1...After your post I was concerned about the MSG. I actually asked the chef (very nice and informative) and he said they don't use MSG AT ALL. I have had some reactions to it, that's why I asked. He actually knew his stuff...he was interesting to speak with.

              Anyway...since they don't cook with it, we sat, we ate like hounds and enjoyed every bite. I asked for some extra biscuits...YUM YUM! I had the Memphis ribs and mac and cheese with veggies. Great portions for the price. Our waiters name was Seth...very nice and helpful with the menu.

              We loved it so much we went back again...this time I had the Memphis Chicken...and I gotta say...WOW!

              Porky you should give it another try, it's definitely worth it. About time a great BBQ place came to town.

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                I ate there tonight, Nice looking place, very nice looking place. It was a step above fast food. They should have the food taste as good as the place looks. Went there with five other people everyone had the same thoughts.....

              2. I have not been there but I have not heard good things. The best place in the area is Swingbellies -- pretty good -- the side are just okay but I heard the place in the east side of LB is worse and I heard Freedom (from a women that was getting her nails done next to me) was the worse of all the BBQ that have popped up in LB/Island Park.

                1. I went there last Saturday and have mixed feeling about this place. I am a certified BBQ judge and judge BBQ competitions on a regular basis so I was excitd to see Freedom Open and was looking forward to trying it. The service was excellent and we were quickly greeted at the door and brought to outr table. Our waiter was great and made some excellent suggestions on the appetizers. The Wings were excellent as were the Asian influenced ribs. The food fell apart when we received the entrees. I ordered the BBQ platter which had pulled pork and ribs. I had asked for the pork without sauce so I could taste the pork's true taste and apply sauce myself. The waiter urged I try some sauce so I asked for very little of their SC mustard sauce. The pork came with tons of sauce on it and at first I thought they had given me pulled
                  chicken instead of pork due to its tough texture. I could not finish it, which is a rarity for me. As for the ribs, I asked for no sauce here as the menu offered "Dry Rub" as an option. This usually means you get it without sauce so you can taste the rub that was applied before the cooking of the ribs. What I got was a half slab of ribs drizzled with dry rub after it was cooked and just before serving. It was difficult to eat and I needed to apply plenty of their Kansas City BBQ sauce (not bad) to get the ribs down. In any event, the ribs were overcooked and dry, even with the sauce. In a BBQ competition, both the pulled pork and ribs would have scroed very low on texture and average on taste. My wife ordered the brisket and this as well would not have done well in a competition. Skipped desert and would not consider this place for BBQ.

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