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Hey Chicagoans! What do you think of Oberweis dairy?

An Oberweis Dairy store just opened in Royal Oak Michigan--first one in the state. I know they've been around Chicagoland for a long time. What do you CH's think of their products?

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  1. Cute places, very Norman Rockwell. It's a fun throwback to buy milk in glass bottles. The ice cream treats are nice but don't hold a candle to any of the fancier small-batch ice cream makers you may have. I disagree strongly with the owner's politics. That's about it.

    1. 18% butterfat!!!

      Read that in Detroit News article yesterday.

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        Cherie, I read that same article, front to back. Normally, I'd be really excited about such a thing, since Alinosi's ice cream (local place) is higher in butterfat than many, and their ice cream is really good!

        *However*, I actually stumbled upon the Royal Oak Oberweis quite by accident, and had no idea of the butterfat content of their ice cream. Of course, I asked for my baseline comparison flavor: regular chocolate. Every place has it, and it's my favorite flavor.

        I can tell you this: they didn't win a customer that day, but not because of the service or anything (service and cleanliness were actually top-rate, being completely fair). Their chocolate ice cream was basically a non-entity to me. The chocolate flavor (or lack thereof) was extremely weak, and the only thing I could compare the flavor to was the old Polar Pak ice cream of old, which was terrible, and yes: Polar Pak was worse than Oberweis. But the chocolate flavor was so horribly weak that I didn't even bother ordering. High butterfat content or not, this stuff wasn't for me.

        I still say that the best chocolate ice cream available to man (at least, that I've ever tried) is Baskin-Robbins' chocolate. I just had some last night, and the story's the same as it ever was: best flavor anywhere. I could eat it all day. It may not be as *smooth* as Guernsey's (Guernsey wins in the smooth category, but not in the flavor category), but its got the best chocolate flavored ice cream I've ever had.

        Oberweis may have other flavors that are better, but you'd *think* that they'd work on getting the basics down a bit better than that. I'd prefer Baskin-Robbins' chocolate, Guernsey's chocolate, Alinosi's chocolate, Haagen-Dazs' cookies and cream or rum raisin...lots of stuff before the Oberweis sample I tried.

        Just my (albeit limited) experience.

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          Have you ever tried Calder Dairy ice cream? They have the richest flavors I've ever tried. Some are so rich I can't eat a whole bowl! I know they sell their milk at Holiday Market on Main St... but I'm not sure about their ice cream. I'm sure if it was requested they would get it however.

      2. Oberweis products have been available in stores here in Milwaukee for some time, and there has been a store here for at least a year. Their products are on the pricy side, but I think they are first rate. I love the milk. I think that the ice cream is as good as any of the premium ice creams available in high end grocery stores (for which the prices are comparable), even if they lack the transcedence of Graeter's or Algamese's in Cincinnati or the ice cream I got from Babcock Hall at college in Madison. My wife likes the yogurt.

        I dont know anything about the owner's politics.

        1. Personally, I am from Cincinnati and I prefer Oberweiss Dairy ice cream over Graeter's Ice Cream. It is a high quality, family owned and run dairy operation. The employees are very helpful and provide really good service.

          1. I don't normally go to Oberweis - I prefer frozen custard - but I must say that I'm a HUGE fan of the Chocolate Avalanche Ice Cream Cake. Unlike so many frozen chocolate concoctions, their chocolate melts very quickly & isn't waxy.

            1. Hey Coney, The milk is very good, as is the cream and butter. When I lived within 30 miles of Oberweis, I used to have it all home delivered. They have a nice variety of home delivery goods, though many of them contain high fructose corn syrup and other undesirable ingredients.

              The ice cream is good, too.

              1. I like the whole milk in the glass bottles. The ice cream is ok as well.

                1. I grew up on Oberweis living in the western 'burbs of Chicago. I have fond memories of hearing the garage door open at 6:00AM and knowing there would be fresh, cold milk and eggs for breakfast that morning.

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                    I like the quality of their milk, but find the glass bottles difficult to handle. (I have rather small hands, though.)

                  2. For the record, Oberweis milk is now available up here in the Twin Cities, I found it at Super Target of all places. Yes, same glass bottle.

                    For making milk-based espresso drinks, the whole milk did pretty well overall for steaming when compared with other premium brands, but I thought the taste was just "okay" (vague I know).

                    1. Personally, I think it is fantastic! While it isn't healthy, they sure have quality ice cream that they use for their shakes - and it is delicious. Get excited - you'll start to think of Oberweis as a special treat. And they have great chocolate milk (and regular milk) that comes in glass bottles that you recycle! It's fun!

                      1. We have them here in St. Louis and I think they are really good (MUCH better than Stone Cold Creamery or whatever it is called). What I like is they have unusual flavors of ice cream you can't get anywhere - butter brickle (just like my grandma used to serve), holiday flavors, etc. Expensive but good. Nothing like WHOLE FAT ice cream, that's for sure! Don't know about the milk but I know they have a big campaign going here for home milk delivery and when they first opened (several years back) I know a lot of people started on the milk delivery program.

                        1. I buy Oberweis cottage cheese exclusively. It is the best I've found in my area.