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Jul 25, 2007 07:15 AM

easy, cheap eats near Madison Square Park

Looking for a place within a few blocks of Madison Square Park that's fast and easy and relatively inexpensive to eat (no, not Shake Shack - lines too long). Can be extremely casual along the lines of a sandwich/salad place. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, Lenny's, Eisenberg's

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Lenny's and Eisenberg's look perfect. Thanks!

      1. re: chowNYC

        Second Eisenberg's. Not too many places like this left in NYC, alas...

    2. Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th Street just west of 6th Avenue. Great sandwiches and salads.

      1. Not sure if Lamazou will be too far out for you? It's on 28th and Lex.

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        1. Benvenute Cafe on the corner of Broadway and 23rd has great salads and sandwiches. Don't eat in the restaurant section, just the section with the salad bar.

          If you get one of the seats at the counter facing NW, you have a fantastic view of the park.

          1. I think there's a 'wichcraft around there. Not revelatory, but pretty good.
            City Bakery

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            1. re: Lucia

              Katie Rolls on 27th and Lexington for tasty and cheap Indian wraps.

              1. re: salmonskin

                I got delivery from Katie Rolls for the first time recently. I spiced them up with some insanely hot Mexican hot sauce, and they were awesome!