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Jul 25, 2007 07:09 AM

The Justice Ball 11?

I have VIP tickets to the Justice Ball 11 this Saturday. Anyone been to any of the previous ones? What chow things can I expect?

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    1. It's very fun and I remember the food from the VIP dinner beforehand being surprisingly good. Also except lots and lots of lawyers and the Violent Femmes.

      1. A great time. There will be the Violent Femmes (or course), a second stage with a DJ, lots of food and drink, a casino and an amazing silent auction with walk-on roles, vacations in castles and on islands, etc. etc. The whole thing will be outside too, which should make for a steamy summer night. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. What I really want to now about is the food!

          There's a "Dessert and coffee" are and a "wine and food pavillion".

          Anyone been to these before?

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            I can tell you. There will be free deserts and coffee. If you have a VIP ticket, there is hosted bar, a vodka bar, and some other liquor bar but I cannot recall the name. The wine and food pavillion is supposed to be great, a separate part of the event where you can sit, eat with friends, order bottles of wine and chill out. Those are not free however. This is the JBALL's first year at the Lot but I understand the food there is wonderful. Keep in mind this is not a sit down event. It is a party/concert, more like a club atmosphere, with a place at the event where you can sit and chill out/each with friends.

          2. I'm going too, I can't wait! But I doubt the focus will be on the food. It's a charity event.

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            1. re: PlatypusJ

              This is exactly what I was going to say. There are plenty of charity events with a food focus (Taste of the Nation, Project by Project which was last weekend...I wonder how it was...) but Justice Ball isn't one of them. It's all about drinking, hearing fun bands and having a great time for a good cause. Good food would be a bonus, so hopefully there are some tasty desserts.