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Jul 25, 2007 07:08 AM

Great take out between Richmond Airport and Sandy Hook, Virginia?

I am going to be flying into RIC and need to pick up some take out for my family (sister just had a baby!). She lives in Sandy Hook and I know there isn't a lot there. I am looking for something other than a chain (no more Panera Bread please!). Maybe some great sandwiches and salads...dessert is a must and I am willing to make a separate stop just for dessert!

I've been to the Short Pump area and know there are some things there, but I won't have much time to explore. Also, any tips on a great wine shop? Cheese?


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  1. short pump is mainly chains anyway. so i'm figuring you're driving the 64 west for quite a ways so...
    right past short pump at the 288 is grandpa eddie's barbecue. i've never been and janetfrom richmond just said she doesn't really like it but it gets good reviews for desserts too and barbecue tends to be good takeout and it's close. i can give better directions if you're interested.
    sandwich/salad-y. the only local place i can think of is lola's. well the only one that's not really far from where you're going to be. it's by the glenside/broad exit. they're also known for cupcakes so could kill 2 birds... i've never been there either.
    i made my husband get 5 guys burgers and bring it to the hospital after i had my now 1 year old since i was diabetic and couldn't eat them even though i wanted them so that's no help since it's a chain... :)
    there is a stuffy's subs (richmond chain). nothing special though imho at the gaskins exit. karen's homemade just closed and moved from there.
    so many things in the west end are chains. or at least not good for carryout sandwiches. there's a great barbecue hole in the wall on patterson but it's a decent bit further off the 64.
    will keep thinking!

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      AMFM, what is the great barbeque hole on Patterson?

      1. re: NXS

        TD's smokehouse. At least we love it. have had them cater 2 parties too and everyone who's had it has loved it as well. it's literally half of a lube shop. can't eat in. between parham and gaskins. near the tuckahoe ymca. YUMMY!! and a great deal. they advertise KC barbecue by the way so it may depend on the kind you like but the pulled pork and smoked chicken are exceptional. folks love the ribs but they're a bit dry for my taste. i like their beans a lot - green and baked. cole slaw is good enough for sandwiches. it's really close to me so that helps!

        1. re: AMFM

          AMFM, thank you for your reply on TD's.

          I moved to RIC last October and I pass TD's on the way home from my office.

          I will give it a try in the immediate future.

          Thank you again.

          1. re: NXS

            let me know what you think. i'm curious what 'cue lovers feel about it. my friends who lived in NC really like it but almost all of us are transplanted northerners or midwesterners (i fall into the latter category) so while i can truly appreciate good BBQ it is definitely a regional thing. oh no wait just remembered one georgian who lived in NC for a while who also fell in love when he had it at my house. i think a lot of folks don't know it's there. jumbalaya - i know seems like a weird choice - is actually a pretty good side too.

      2. re: AMFM

        Thank you so much for the suggestions! They both look wonderful. I will forward the links to my sister to see what she's craving. They recently moved to the area and will appreciate the tips for future, too!

        1. re: amsquires

          can give more as they get to know the area!