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Jul 25, 2007 07:02 AM

Cafe La Cave

I'm a transplanted Chicagoan (now living in Columbus, OH). In my younger days in Chicago (12ish years ago) my ex-husband and I used to go to Cafe La Cave in Rosemont for our anniversaries and special events. We thought it was just about the most romantic place around and very service-oriented with its old-school tuxedo-clad waiters, marble everywhere, beautiful table settings and table-side Steak Diane, etc. (I still have dreams about their Beef Stroganoff.) It never advertised and never seemed to get written up - but the place was always jammed.

Just wondering - is the place still open? What's the food/atmosphere like now?

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  1. It is still going -- I think they may even have some radio ads running. (which might be a sign that they need to bring in some new fans...)


    I was at wedding (or anniversary ?) reception there about 5 years ago - very standard "Continental fare". Its funny how places like that have all but disappeared while steak houses are on such a huge "comeback" streak...

    1. We are open seven nights a week and still serving our traditional menu. The Beef Stroganoff is now by special request.

      1. My boyfriend is taking me here this week.. I will report back

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            I am undecided on Cave le Cave

            The atmosphere is unlike anything I've experienced before. Really unique. My dissapointment was that it seemed unusually loud- not sure if the cave-like walls had something to do with it. Also, the A/C was cranked so high that I was quite chilly. I noticed another table were wearing sweatshirts, which I wondered if they were regulars and had anticipated the cold temperature

            Service was good, food was good, but I wasn't blown away. We had escargot which was served in the shell, nice touch. I had the lobster bisque which seemed a little on the sweet side, but was good. I also had the filet- which I wasn't very impressed with, and seemed to have been cooked in some kind of weird sauce. My date had the lamb chops which he didn't particularly care for. We had sides of spinach and asparagus which were good. Everything was supersized and it seemed that every table was sent off with leftovers

            I would definitely go back, I think it is a place my Mom would really enjoy. The atmosphere is really different and romantic, but I've had much better meals elsewhere

            On a side note, our car was hit while in the valet attendants care