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Jul 25, 2007 07:01 AM

Need a reception locale for Kansas City!

My friend is getting married and running into $ problems. His fiance wants it to be lavish and at an uppity place like Club 1000, but their budget just can't cut that. They have about $9000 to spend for the entire reception - the hall rental, food, booze, DJ, the whole shebang.

Any good suggestions? Please keep it within the downtown area, or north of the river.

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  1. The Laretto on 39th street is really nice but may be too pricey. Jack Stack has nice banquet room, but that would fit more for a rehearsal dinner.

    1. It's a little further out, but I'd highly recommend the Culinary Center of Kansas City. It is located in the old downtown Overland Park (close to 79th and Metcalf). The space is just as nice as Club 1000 -- but more lively -- and the food is absolutely fantastic. I had a wedding reception there and paid $4500 for the shebang (minus DJ). It is truly worth checking out.

      1. Some of these places may be too pricey, but thought I'd throw them out. All of them are downtown, with the exception of the first which is in Westport.

        Boulevard Brewing Co
        Cadillac Catering
        The Cashew's new 3rd floor banquet hall
        Ron Berg Event Space
        Scarritt Ballroom
        The Little Theatre

        Here is a link to other ideas -

        1. When is the wedding? Most good reception places anymore you have to book a year in advance.