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Jul 25, 2007 06:23 AM

Where to buy rhubarb in Downtown/East TO?


A friend of mine has made a special request for a rhubarb pie. I grew up out in the country where it was easy to get, but haven't seen it in Toronto. Does anyone have any thoughts where I could purchase some for baking?

I work in downtown TO and live near Little India, but am willing to drive.

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  1. There is a farmers' market every Tuesday at the East York Civic Centre at Mortimer and Coxwell. I've seen rhubarb there. Here's a list of other farmers' market locations that may be more convenient for you.

    1. Most of the St Lawrence Market fruit and veg vendors carry it...

      1. Just to clarify, are you asking about where to get rhubarb or rhubarb pie? I've seen homemade pies at the farmers' market, but usually they're rhubarb and strawberry together (which is yum).

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          I'm looking to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie for her, so I need the rhubarb itself. Thanks for the recs on the farmers' markets. I've seen the notice for the one at the Civic Centre, but it seems to be on only during the day when I'm at the office.

          I'll take a look at the link for the others.

        2. Try the Saturday morning market at Withrow Park, maybe? It's on the small side (usually a dozen vendors or so) and the selection varies widely depending on what's in season at that particular time, but I'm 99% sure I saw rhubarb there last weekend.

          It's either that or make friends with your neighbours... if someone has a rhubarb plant in their backyard, they probably have more of the stuff than they know what to do with. :)

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            I bought some there last weekend. I too thought it was out of season as well, but garderners tell me their plants produce all summer. What I bought tastes just fine in my pie (not bitter or tough like some say late rhubarb might be).

          2. I am pretty sure I saw rhubarb at Highland Farms in Scarborough a few days ago.