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Jul 25, 2007 06:23 AM

Top Ten French Delicacies....

At least according to the you agree? or not? have any to add?

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  1. I'll have to think of others (don't worry, I will) but my first observation is that the writer has very much of a sweet tooth... I'd certainly never include "le canard" - the sugar-cube type, not real duck ... mmm, duck rillettes could be among my delicacies... in a list of delicacies; at most a list of quaint practices.

    1. These all seem dessert based...I'll offer two from personal experience:

      Fraises de Bois (Forest Strawberries) - Only in season, but wow...they are fabulous
      Poulet de Bresse (Bresse Chicken) - It will be the best chicken you will have. Best served roasted with a side of thick frites that have been fried in goose fat. Yum.

      1. I'm a bit surprised that the Guardian singled out a number of chain restaurants. I have always eaten best in tiny family run restos in France.

        I would second La Gatta's recommendation of duck rillettes, and also add Kouign Amann (a fabulously rich Breton butter cake, available in Bretagne, especially good in small village bakeries on the western coast). I also would advise first time France visitors to try the cheese plate in every restaurant, and to ask the fromager for recommendations - or just try a tiny bit of a wide range of the offerings.

        I also love the delicacies available from charcuteries - all manner of freshly made pates and rillette concoctions - especially those made from duck and goose. These are especially wonderful in the Limousin / Perigord regions.

        1. For sweets I'd add canneles de bordeaux and macarons.

          Love Breton lobsters (and this is from someone who lives in Boston with easy access to Maine lobsters). Mediterranean rouget, amazing fish with a delicious shrimpy flavour (from its diet).

          Carnard a la Rouenaise - duck with a sauce made from its blood and liver.

          Alsatian foie gras.

          1. Dumb idea for a book promo. There’s really nothing new and or interesting about this list. And the recommendations are a little odd especially the Hippopotamus steak chain. He could have made it much more interesting.