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Jul 25, 2007 05:47 AM

Texas Sheet Cake

Anyone got a tried and true really great recipe for Texas Sheet Cake?

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  1. As a matter of fact....

    There are a lot of great recipes on this site. The most important thing about this recipe is, to use salted butter, or add salt. 1/2 teaspoon per stick of butter.


    1. Oh, boy, do I second the link that Becca posted.... looks just like my Mama's cake, but we call it Texas Hot Cocoa Cake... and we bake in a 9x13 pan.... I have a family reunion to go to next weekend, and this cake is a MUST!

      1. Is there a reason why it's called "Texas Sheet Cake"? I've never heard of the term before.

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          Yup, it's made in a sheet cake way can you use a 9x13 unless it's sheet. I think mine is like 11 x 17. Lisa at The Homesick Texan makes one just like me:

          1. re: GeekVanessa

            Agreed...This must be made in a sheet pan...This is an awesome cake...very, very rich because of the frosting....

            1. re: GeekVanessa

              Thanks for the link! I was wondering how the heck it got it's name. The cake looks awesome.

            2. re: gyp7318

              I can only venture to guess that it is called a Texas Sheet Cake since it is in a
              large sheet pan. Here is an article from the Dallas Morning News that mentions possible origins.


            3. That looks just like my family recipe too! It's really good, even if some people find it too sweet. We have no connection to Texas and aways called it Buttermilk Brownies, though I concede that doesn't make much sense either as it is definately not a brownie.

              1. My mom puts cinnamon in hers- don't know if that's traditional or not, but it sure tastes good! I didn't know there was an actual "Texas Sheet Cake"- I thought it was just what we called it! Ooh- I just saw that the Homesick Texan puts ancho chile powder in along with the cinnamon- that sounds good too!