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Are there any "Stay Away Froms" on the Strip in Vegas

We tend to walk, and don't really know where we'll end up. We tend to fall into a place when we can. Last time in Vegas we had some good luck (Mon Ami Gabi) and some bad (808). Are there any places on the Strip, in the middle price range, that we might accidentally think were good and be disappointed? If it matters, we will be in on a Monday and Tuesday.


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  1. I don't know what's bad...I've never had a bad meal in Vegas, thanks in part to this board and others. I look for the places that get the most positive comments and rarely get negative ones. If I see the same place getting some positive and some lukewarm reviews, I don't touch it. Why chance it? That said, if on the south end of the Strip, there's Stripsteak, Fleur De Lys at Mandalay Bay, there's Nobhill and Fiamma at MGM, towards the middle there's Bradley Ogden, Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse, Michael Mina at Bellagio, Prime, Mario Batali's B&B and David Burke at Venetian, towards the north there's Bartolotta and Red8 at Wynn. Those are places I have either been to myself or have seen overwhelmingly positive reviews. David Burke is new, but I'd try it cause his Chicago place is excellent and he has a good reputation, and what reviews I have seen have been very good.

    1. I know you weren't going to go there anyway, but the buffet at the Excalibur sticks out as possibly the worst on the Strip. I went while on a band trip in high school, and it is indeed quite horrid. It makes the spread at Old Country Buffet or Hometown Buffet look appetizing and innovative by comparison.

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        I second the Excalibur buffet being the worst. A group of friends and I stayed there for a reunion a few years ago and tried the buffet and it was awful. It is pretty sad when even the salad bar items are inedible.

      2. Circus Circus and Sahara buffets are also to be avoided, but you probably wouldn't walk into them expecting them to be good. Not sure if it's still there after the renovations but there was a place in the Desert Passage mall called Cheeseburger in Paradise (or something like that) -- relentlessly mediocre and overpriced. I'd also skip Border Grill at Mandalay. I think it's gone downhill over the last few years.

        1. Well, my big stay away is the Strip and Vegas in general! That's because I'm there on biz many times during the year. That being said, stay far away from Valentino in the Venetian. This place takes mediocrity to new depths. But at least it's also outrageously expensive and the service is terrible.!

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            second valentino. the perfect storm of high prices, mediocre food and snooty service.

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              I'm going to third that one - but for the front less expensive "cafe" area. Really below average. The only truly disappointing meal we've ever eaten in LV. The only good thing I can say about it was that they offer pastas in 1/2 portions - so I didn't feel completely ripped off by having to pay full price for an entire dish I didn't enjoy.

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                I love your perspective! The food stinks but if you order a 1/2 plate, it's only half as bad. I'm going to remember this one!

            2. The Wolfgang Puck Italian place in the Mandalay Bay was pretty bad.

              1. i've been here on work for the past month. have been eating a lot of food, on and off the strip.

                i've eaten at bouchon (venetian), olives (bellagio), delmonico (venetian), fiamma (mgm), okada (wynn), tao (venetian), postrio (venetian).. probably some more i don't remember. out of those i would say that delmonico was just so-so and fiamma was good but nothing to write home about. stay away from buffets. that's my only advice. delmonico was probably the most pricey out of those i mentioned and probably the worst of that group. number two worst would be postrio. the best of that group that i enjoyed was todd english's olives.

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                  The flatbreads were ok at Olives. The pasta was terrible-I got to try two different ones both awful. Over heavy and over salted cream sauce with no other flavor than the salt. I had seared ahi tuna that was quite good, better than anything else my party had. View is awesome, but would not go back, it was just not worth it. It was a post wedding dinner, I didn't pick it.

                  It's good that people come here and ask questions like this. Most of us aren't rich and can't afford nice dinners in Vegas too often. I'm hoping to go back this winter and will be consulting this board for sure.