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Jul 25, 2007 05:23 AM

Best place to buy shellfish in boston

A bunch of us will be visiting Boston in November to go a Pats game (Don't worry, we'll root for the pats). Anyway we want to do a lot of seafood for the tailgate, namely shrimp, clams, mussles, crab legs, scallops (and possibly Lobster depending on how much we want to spend). Any suggestions on where to buy this stuff fresh would be appreciated. I don't know anything about seafood, except I like to eat it. So, I dont' know what we can get fresh in November. We're staying in Copley Square, so the closer the place the better. But I will definately travel for quality. Thanks in advance

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  1. I don't know where can you get shellfish in Boston. But if I were you, I would go to Ocean Fresh, 473 E Washington St, North Attleboro, MA. I always get my seafood from them despite of the 45-minuite drive. They have lobster, steamer, oyster, fish or any seafood you can name it. They also have stuff seafood. Their price is very good.

    Most importantly, it is on the way you go to the stadium. I don't know how can you get any seafood fresher especially you can put them on the grill 15 minutes after you bought them.

    By the way, do you get extra tickets?

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        I second James Hook Lobster Co. Just walking in the front part of the place and checking out those 10lb lobsters is worth the visit. They have a great selction of seaffod and are very good at packing it up to go.

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          Ok, reviving this now that J Hook is gone for the summer! I thought there was a similar (newer) thread but I can't seem to find it.

          Where does everyone in the Boston area buy their live shellfish and lobsters? I'd love to do a big clambake cookout with friends- mussels, clams, scallops, lobsters, etc. Freshest, best quality, decent prices (clearly I am willing to pay more for better quality when it comes to this stuff... bad shellfish is not worth the cheap price)- where do you go for your raw shellfish and crustaceans?

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            Legal's sells retail lobster and shellfish, at the Chestnut Hill and other locations, and also by mail:


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              Captain Mardens in Wellesley. 20min. drive for the best the ocean has to offer.

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                Second Captain Marden's in either Wellesley or Newton; however, you will pay "thru the nose". I have always had delicious and fresh fish and shellfish at Sudbury Farms/Roche Bros for less $$.

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                  Marden's has been gone from Newton for quite a few years; I believe they're only in Wellesley now.

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                Steamers on Watertown St. in Nonantum (Newton) is good. I recently purchased 18-24 steamers for dinner. Visually, the clams looked great. All clams opened nicely upon cooking. Excellent flavor. Will go back again for more.

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                  I ventured out to Steamers and bought both an appetizer of the sift shell clams that give the place its name and some shelled lobster. I agree with fmgate that the clams were great but at almost $50/lb the lobster was anything but. The flavor seemed washed out and there was not, in 3/4 of lb. a trace of tail meat which many people (me included) find the best texturally and flavor-wise. It was advertised as fresh (i.e. not frozen) but I have suspicions. Left a bad tase in my mouth for Steamers, or rather, no taste in my mouth. I have never had anything but great lobster meat from Legal or from Captain Hook.

          2. Yankee Lobster has all that stuff except maybe crab legs. Also, James Hook is supposed to have a satellite store open in the near future.

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              I was at Yankee this AM and they had crab legs too. I haven't been a big fan of Yankee but they seemed to have upgraded the finfish...not quite up to New Deal/Courthouse but a big improvement.

              Pretty fair clam roll too. Clams from Canada. Never liked the dining experience x a cup of chowder for a bike ride break..but even that's growing on me..:)

              Busy at lunch and I'd suggest getting there by 11:45 to avoid a wait.

              To the OP in Copley, Morse Fish is closer for you...and they could order whatever you want with a few days notice.

            2. I would second the recommendation for Capt. Mardens. The other places I know are either on the Cape or in Dover, NH.

              1. Roach brothers in wellesley - get some great cheese while you are at it!

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                  Really? The times I've been there, I had a hard time even finding fin fish I'd consider. I think I had tofu that night.....