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Jul 25, 2007 05:14 AM

Boston Summer Restaurant Week

Where is everyone going for restaurant week?

I have reservations for


Any reccomendations?

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  1. I've got reservations for Petit Robert and Oleana for dinner (I'm new-ish to town but my husband is from here and has talked about these in the past so I'm excited to try them myself) and Sandrine's for lunch (which I'm a little leery about due to the mixed reviews, but I work in Harvard Square so it's easy).

    edit: changed Sandrine's to Upstairs on the Square.

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      Sorelina only, traveling much of those weeks unfortuantely

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        I have not seen Oleana on any of the RW list so I think it is very unlikely that they are participating. I like Oleana very much and would recommend that you try it, but I do not think you can expect a $33 RW menu there. I am going to Pigalle (I liked that they had many choices available and have read good things about their approach to RW) and EVOO (I have been wanting to try it for a while). The last few years I have not gone anywhere during RW that was participating because I had a few subpar experiences a while back, but this year it I am feeling a bit more adventuresome. For what it is worth, I have a few friends that have been to Mistral during RW and really liked it.

      2. I've been to all three of those for past RWs - all were excellent, both in service and in food.

        I was at Icarus last night for their Anniversary prix fixe - I believe they are keeping the same menu for RW. The service was very good - helpful, present when needed, but not overbearing, which is consistent with the other times I've been during RW. The food is of course incredible.

        My reservations for RW this year are: Sage, Excelsior, Dante, Tremont 647, and Taranta. Far too many, and some at "iffy" places based on reviews of their RW service - but what else is there to do in August?

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          i would like to try sage.. anyone know the menu for sage?

        2. We are only doing lunch but have res @

          Sel de la Terre
          Via Matta
          Pierrot Bistrot Francais
          Petit Robert
          and Top of the Hub (for the view and the menu looked like it didn't suck)

          We went overboard, I know and may bag out of one or two. We've been to all but L'Esp. , Avila and Pierrot in past RWeeks and enjoyed them a lot.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            Wow, that's a lot. I remember one of the first years I went all 5 nites (back when it was one week) and it was a chore after a while. I've got Davio's, Sibling Rivalry, Olive's, Sorellina and Meritage. Have been to all of them but years since Olive's and a while for the others. Sibling's menu looked great as does Davio's (esp. the first week when we're going). Meritage was excellent last year so hitting it again. This after getting back from Seattle and Portland, I'll be packing a few extra pounds.