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Jul 25, 2007 05:05 AM

Vietnamese in downtown Baltimore

My boyfriend and I go out for Vietnamese food in DC and NoVA all the time, but I live in Baltimore and haven't even tried to look for a good restaurant in the area. Can anyone recommend one? I'd like to stay in the downtown area.


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  1. I don't know much about Vietnamese food, but recently I was near Hollins Market and saw a place with a sign that said "Coming this Fall ... Baltimore Pho." The address is 1114 Hollins St. I don't know what to expect, but it could be a nice addition!

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      We live near Hollins Market and are VERY excited about this place opening up - but after talking to the owner about their progress with the build-out, and it looks like they are overly ambitious in their schedule. They will be lucky to be up and running by summer 2008... all the same we can't wait!

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        Geez, I thought it was going to open this month!

    2. I don't think there is any good Vietnamese downtown. There is a place near the Senator that I haven't been to so can't make any recommendations. Normally when I want Vietnamese I go to Columbia.

      1. I saw the sign near the Hollins Market a few weekends ago....and couldn't believe it. Could that be heralding a revitalization of that area? (I also found the sign pretty funny, since on the bottom, it reads 'pronounced fuh.' A bit of an oversimplification, but a step in the right direction...I think.)

        Anyway, when jonesing Vietnamese, we head to Pho #1, on Rte 40, in the Westview Plaza Shopping Center, right inside the beltway.

        I really wouldn't bother with the place by the Senator, called Saigon Remembered. You can search through old posts here on the place, and they are all pretty negative. It's sad, since many of us here fondly remember their old place on Belair Road. It seems that somehow things changed when they moved south.

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          My fav pho joint is also on rt 40 but outside the beltway. It's called Pho Nam and is in the shopping center that has Applebee's, Cici's Pizza and Petsmart in it. This is where I was first introduced to pho. The place has 0 atmosphere but excellent pho IMHO. Whenever I am there I see many Vietnamese families eating there so the place must have some 'street cred' as well.

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            My favorite Pho place as well, with nice anise flavor in the broth (usually). I do find the quality to be higher in the morning and afternoon, and especially on weekends. I prefer this Pho to Pho #1, but recommend Pho #1, despite the name, for any other type of Vietnamese food.

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              I've been to this place as well, and found it better than Pho #1 one time. Another time I was there, the owner (I assume) was severely berating an employee and I just couldn't take it, and just crossed the place off of my list. I'd take humane treatment of workers over nice anise flavor anytime--Chowhound or not! ;-))

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                Wow, I've never seen that happen before. Usually everyone is friendly. There was the one time I came in about 30 minutes before they closed. The lady that served me made sure I knew what time they closed. I actually still came back and have had nothing but good dervice since. I also make sure never to come anywhere near closing time.

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              Which way (east or west) on rt 40 outside the beltway?

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                Pho #1 is just east on 40 (Value City shopping center), Pho Nam is West (Babies R Us shoping center).

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              Baltimore Pho in Hollins Market is now open. Decor is pretty amazing for the area. Don't go there expecting authentic nor cheap Pho. The Pho is done very much their own way. They have quite a list of Vietnamese food, some of it more authentic then others. I'm not raving about the place yet (they are very new), but some menu winners: Pomelo Salad, the Thai Soup (Tom-Yum), the whole fish, and they have some REALLY good calamari - light batter, big meaty pieces as opposed to rings. Give it a shot, especially if you're a local - Hollins Market area needs support to continue the opening of neat little places like this one and Zella's.