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Jul 25, 2007 04:57 AM

A good side for cherry clafoutis for brunch???

I need a good side dish to prepare with individual cherry clafoutis I'm preparing for breakfast/brunch (I run a b&b). Any suggestions?

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  1. Cherry Clafoutis is typically served as a dessert. Are you serving it as a brunch entree? Is it being served with anything other than the side you are seeking? Mayhap I can help you!

    1. The clafouti, I suppose, could stand in for something like pancakes or waffles. In which case you might serve some good sausages and some kind of yogurt thingy with fruit and nuts. In general though, I agree with thatfarmgirl - I'd be more inclined to serve clafoutis for dessert.

      1. Since clafouti batter is very similar to pancake or crepe batter, I'm going to second the sausage suggestion. A nice thick-cut bacon or Canadian-style peameal bacon (if you can get it) would also be delish. You'll want something salty to contrast with the eggy/sweet flavour.

        At the end of the day, a clafouti isn't all that much sweeter than waffles or pancakes with syrup. Actually, I'm now pondering serving some at my next brunch gathering, since any excuse to eat clafouti is fine by me. :)

        1. I agree with the idea of clafoutis as a stand-in for pancakes. If you're looking for a non-meat side (in case some guests are veg), maybe some good cheese, fruit and nuts.

          1. Thanks all. Yes...the sausage/bacon option was what I was thinking too as a nice balance to the light eggy sweetness of the clafoutis. Some tangy cheese might be a nice foil too! I appreciate the advice.