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Jul 25, 2007 01:13 AM

Ten pounds of rainier cherries

My roommate acquired ten pounds of rainier cherries. What to do? We love rainier cherries, but ten pounds is a lot to eat - and they're very ripe. She's already given some away.

Any good ideas for using them creatively? I imagine they're way too sweet and mild for pie. Any good recipes to use them or preservation techniques that work well with these?


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  1. Make a sorbet. Pit a quart of cherries, add a cup of simple syrup (less or more to taste) and the juice of a half a lime, and churn away.

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    1. re: Karl S

      I should clarify: chill the syrup and run it and the cherries through the blender first...

    2. I had the same "problem" about a month ago. Check out this thread for some great ideas:

      I ended up eating most of them and making the brandied cherries, so now I can look forward to a summer treat this winter. If you store them in a large colander they should last for a week or so. Yum, Rainier cherries are my favorite!

      1. Last year I made chicken breasts stuffed w/cherries. It was delicious. I've got the recipe at home if you want it.