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Jul 24, 2007 10:54 PM

dinner suggestions near Spruce?

might be going to some kind of cocktail reception at Spruce this following week. wanted to grab dinner in the area after. any suggestions? we eat anything, and don't have a set budget, however i would rather not have to wait long for a table nor have to make a reservation as i am unsure how many of us will go to dinner after. walking distance preferred.

Spruce is at 3640 Sacramento St.

please include type of cuisine, location, atmosphere, and price in your suggestions.

thank you.

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  1. What day of the week and roughly what time?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      This following Tuesday (Aug 31), and I'm guessing 6ish.

      1. re: wchane

        That will help for just walking in.

        Sociale is right across the street.

        Not too far, Singapore-Malaysian, Spices II, Chapeau, Mandalay.

    2. Any idea when Spruce opens? The workers were busy at 7:30 this morning when I walked my dog!

      I love Sociale...they can usually accommodate you at the bar tables if you don't have a res.

      And Mandalay, mentioned by Robert Lauriston, is terrific --great food, great value, better atmosphere than most comparable -- and usually has tables.

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      1. re: goingoutagain

        thanks to the both of you for prompt replies. between sociale and mandalay i think we have our bases covered. however if any other ideas pop into mind, please share.

        thanks again.

      2. Osteria, corner of Sacto&Presidio, is a solid Italian place that has been there for years. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere/clientele is consistent with the neighborhood.

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        1. re: DavidT

          oh man...i DO remember this place. solid recommendation and i'd totally sell this to the group, but pasta 3 times last week and once this week is a bit much =/